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Sunday, June 06, 2004

I give honor to my fellow Canadians whose Families have and including mine in our past and today for all there sacrifices to our Country Canada and the World! I couldn't imagine a time when over a 1 000 000 of my fellow citizens where fighting in War to protect my beloved country! I'm very proud to be Canadian and today I'm a bit more if that can be possible, I watched to ceremonies in France this morning with love in my heart seeing my fellow Canadians so Proud over there in France representing us!

My heart goes out to everyone around the World I wish peace to anyone who is reading this who may be some where that is not safe and you are not feeling secure, I could only imagine what it must be like to feel such a way! I'm a true believer in Canada and our ideals of acceptance So I say again please, Your welcome to come here! We accept everyone here!

My deepest respect to all the Men and Women around the World fighting to defend our way of life!

I'm so moved by the Normandy tribute tears are coming to my eyes as I watch it, as I'm writing this post!

Very good I'm very impressed with France and I swear I'm going there soon after all My Family is of French heritage, My family Name is Bergeron!
My Grandfather was in the Merchant Marines I'm sad that I never got to know what he did other than to see at his Funeral his chest full of medals I hope one day to know what it was he did and my family! If anyone knows how I could find out that information I would be grateful

I'm of for an other busy day!

Viva la France!


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