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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Holy smokes almost 8000 have stopped by here to read about my life! Its an honor to share with all you! Thanks for stopping by! I will continue to blog as long as I can! I will be away at the end of July for a few weeks...I'm going in the Hospital for the operation I think I have mentioned here before! You know the Pancreas, My poor pancreas Its still an issue its not gone away, I still have Pancreatitis, I'm going to be out of it for weeks in recovery, its a major operation and I'm scared as hell, there going to cut my belly open all the way from below my chest plate to my waist get at my pancreas cut a hole in it and in the back of my stomach stitch the two together and hope it works, the cysts that are there will drain into my stomach the other option is to have a tube out of me for months like last time and let me tell you that was not fun at all!....I've been building the immune system up with the HIV meds in hopes to not get an infection, that is the only reason I've not had the operation months ago, the hope is that the [pain will go away and I can get of the pain meds its been a few years on the morphine, I tell you getting of that stuff is not going to be fun I've had a few times when I ran out a pills and it was nasty I'm very dependent on them not something I am happy about but if I had to choose it would be the pills rather than the pain....

So I push on, and would like to invite a few guest bloggers to fill in for me when I'm in the Hospital, If all goes well I should be back the first week of August or so, I'm not sure how this works but I would love to try, Anyone want to step in for me?

Email me, I'm excited to see who may want to put there mark on my Blog!

I'm outz

G'Day all


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