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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Holy smokes almost 8000 have stopped by here to read about my life! Its an honor to share with all you! Thanks for stopping by! I will continue to blog as long as I can! I will be away at the end of July for a few weeks...I'm going in the Hospital for the operation I think I have mentioned here before! You know the Pancreas, My poor pancreas Its still an issue its not gone away, I still have Pancreatitis, I'm going to be out of it for weeks in recovery, its a major operation and I'm scared as hell, there going to cut my belly open all the way from below my chest plate to my waist get at my pancreas cut a hole in it and in the back of my stomach stitch the two together and hope it works, the cysts that are there will drain into my stomach the other option is to have a tube out of me for months like last time and let me tell you that was not fun at all!....I've been building the immune system up with the HIV meds in hopes to not get an infection, that is the only reason I've not had the operation months ago, the hope is that the [pain will go away and I can get of the pain meds its been a few years on the morphine, I tell you getting of that stuff is not going to be fun I've had a few times when I ran out a pills and it was nasty I'm very dependent on them not something I am happy about but if I had to choose it would be the pills rather than the pain....

So I push on, and would like to invite a few guest bloggers to fill in for me when I'm in the Hospital, If all goes well I should be back the first week of August or so, I'm not sure how this works but I would love to try, Anyone want to step in for me?

Email me, I'm excited to see who may want to put there mark on my Blog!

I'm outz

G'Day all


Monday, June 28, 2004

So I'm out this Sunday Night trying to enjoy pride!

I'm still sick from this dam cold!

I'm at one of the beer gardens! Not really wanting to be there and feeling like crap!

What happens, all the hard work I've been doing the last month is gone just like that in one sec, Some mother Fucking ass stole my new cell phone of my belt clip! Shit this is the second time this has happened to me the first time it was stolen at a local bar by some guy I thought I could trust when I was in the washroom he took of with it!....

I was so upset I just said screw it and went home, Like I should have been to begin with resting! I felt bad though my friend was with out any one to go out with so I did!

I know its not prides fault or mine but I'm very upset, I am struggling al the time to get ahead and when I finally do this happens, I'm very pissed at the world now, I was really hoping to use some of the cash I made this last few weeks to buy some much need clothes and a printer for my computer now I'm back where I started! I had starved my self to begin with last month to buy the phone! You know I seem to always be struggling and never getting ahead with everything I have faced in my life I thought I was for once in my life getting ahead of the game in control! I don't know....I feel like just saying screw every thing and just staying in my room and avoiding the world!
A big big sigh!!!!!!
I'll get over it but for christ sake what did I do to deserve so much shit in my life, my health ect ect ect...One thing after an other My room mate or as he likes to call him self land lord...Informed me he is giving notice and I will need to find a new home in two month...Fuck I wish I could give up every time things get hard....I should have known not to move in with him after seeing this happen with several other places he has lived, set up and made money of the other roommates by charging extra rent sorta like a rooming house!
I was thinking about putting up a link on here to paypal donate to help with the new phone cost or the like but I don't have a credit card so that wont work...I don't know I've seen several links on other sites wish list ect...I don't think I feel that is for me...

I here pride was a big super success I know the Aqua party was! The Gay Blue Jays was 100% successful....It was great I worked hard and had a bit of fun in the mean time.....

I'm already starting on the next few big events Folsom Fair North and Return to Eden July 9th.....

I'm outz to try and find my dam phone what a dream that is I can only try! The thing is its no good to anyone and all my #s are gone again I should have put them to paper! I've learned my lesson every night I'm putting down any #s I get to paper in my day planner
IF there is any one who reads my blog and would like to help out with replacing my phone I would be very grateful...I feel funny asking but I know there are good people out there, That is how I got my computer when I was really sick a few years back the Guys behind Boys Condo a porn site based here in Toronto donated it to me so I could keep busy while I was trying to get healthy...
email me and I will send the info needed

Thanks I'm out a here to try and pull my life together after a crazy busy month....
I think I will go out and vote today is our national election here in Canada Hmmmm I don't know who though!

A big thank you to all the Volunteers this year at Pride Toronto I was not one this year but have been the last 5 years so I know how hard they work! Cheers to a super Pride once again!


Saturday, June 26, 2004

I'm sad I finally put a pic of me on here and no one had anything to say! Its Pride here in Toronto and everyone is here, the streets are so so very busy Its crazy cool! I love it the energy is fab! I hope to be able to see the parade this year! I seem to never make it for one reason or the other! I hope to have Sunday of! I will see! Being busy I love it! Wouldn't have it any other way! Some times I am amazed at the opportunity's that have come my way! It's true if you work hard! It will pay of, Some thing I'm starting to really like!

If outz its bed time I'm at the Aqua party all day handing out water to all the thirsty boys! IF your there say Hi I'll be the one with the white visor on with Red hair!

Night Night


Thursday, June 24, 2004

Some thing I've been thinking about when my mind is drifting! I'm in need of a man in my life, I'm feeling like Its time now, I'm healthy and improving every day! I'm feeling a bit lonely tonight! Sure I know hundreds of guys but none the way I want to know them! A friend! Who is My lover boyfriend ect! I'm not into casual sex much! I don't know! It seems the guys who are into me want only sex and then good bye! Funny today a guy I know, see him around say hi that's about it asked me if I would escort his older friend asked him to ask me if he gave me 400 I would sleep with him! I think not, I'm a Ho but not for money honey I was thinking! But the idea of fast cash was a bit tempting be it only for a moment!...

So why are nasty old men thinking I'm a prostitute and the hot sexy men are elusive! I know I'm a bit of a bitch but everyone always says I'm a nice guy, friendly, cute good looking ect. ect. So where are the boys! I think what I need to do is make my self more approachable! The thing is I'm having to learn how to meet guys all over again, before I was always drunk and Hi so there was no problem I would make out with 5+ guys a night at a bar, Now its all way more complicated and hard on the nerves when your sober the game is hard to play!....Plus the HIV holds me back big time at times I feel as if my hand are tied and my mind shuts down when I meet someone, instantly HIV floods my thoughts and the fear of rejection makes me step back, this is my fate I hope! I can find a way to deal with this, I'm getting really frustrated with this, but what can I do,I'm thinking its going to take more time, but I ask my self How long! How long before I figure it out!

Ouch its past my bed time!

Who know maybe I already know the man for me and I just don't know it yet! Hmmmm...

So The moment you have all been waiting for My unvailing! A scrumptious pic of myself for you all to lust over!

I was and still am very unsure about posting pics! I'm going to see how it goes! Seen as the pic I am posting first is so dam cute I had to share!

Its from the Red Party, remember the party I was working on, the Fund raiser for CANFAR, well the pic is of Jai Rodriguez and me, You know the guy from Queer Eye!

More to come I can't believe I will be 31 this September!

I know everyone has been biting there nails in anticipation to see the face behind the words, so if I get a good reaction more will follow!

Update on the health front! Blah is the word on that I'm infected with some dam cold or flu and it sucks...I hope its gone by the weekend I'm just far to busy and can't afford to lose the time and money not to mention the impact screwing up on my commitments could have if I'm all snotty nosed and stuffed up! I've already got a few suspicious looks from guys, I know what there thinking yah sure you have a cold its just coke nose why bull shit me, well yea um I have a cold boys, I'm the first one to say if I've been partying it up, I have no time for distractions the connections are being made and I'm busy securing my take over of the party scene! Ha Ha look out boys! Here I come...

Other than the cold thing, I'm feeling great! You can tell I'm fulfilled, it shows and I know it!

Cheers I'm outs to mega dose on some vitamins and rest up for the long long next few days!

Happy Pride to all! Is it just me or does saying happy pride not roll of the tongue in a good way! Sounds funny I think, So I'm going to say, Play safe, have Pride in your self! You deserve it, Pride is loving your self enough to play safe, party safe and know that there is no shame in knowing when to draw the line when it comes to partying and sex! You will come out of Pride knowing that your secure that you have Pride in your self by respecting your limits! Yah yah I know! But its the truth...Let loose have fun but please listen to that little voice that tells you its time to call it a night!

Night night all!

PS the above took me years to learn! Love thy self!


Monday, June 21, 2004

I have a favor to ask my readers!

I'm trying to come up with a good business name I'm thinking

TorJok Promotions

Tor is Toronto minus onto

and Jok is the first three letters of my name!

The thing is in not sure about the promotions part?

Any ideas of a word that describes what I've been up to in a more encompassing way?

Any tips or suggestions would be very well received

Thanks fer your help!

I'm outz to work work work
Doc first blood tests and results!
I have a cold to and that is not freaking good I'm going to get some really strong pills to try and zap it out of me!
Why do I seem to always get a cold this time of year!


Saturday, June 19, 2004

ich zwoje : ich zwoje electro industrial paranoia

to the right in my links this site has been added! I have been using this link site because I like the fact if you want you can link your site with out me having to do it and keeping it open here at X Party Boy! But I'm not sure about this link does any one here know what language this is and if the site is something I should keep up, I think its a music radio site of sorts!

Oh boy girls and boys can you say burn out!

Last night by 12pm I was tired exhausted I had to call it a night!
9am to 12pm to long to be out in the heat it can really zap your energy seen as I have not spent any amount of time in the sun for the last 12 years or more You see a party boy never would be out of bed before 6pm and if I was up that would have been only because the party was still going on from the night before! Tragic yes but you have to learn your lesson some how, So after not being out in the day for years I've forgot about how much I like the sun and a sun tan I look freaking good with some colour and my skin hasn't looked as good in years! I'm having to put on hardly any cover up I'm thinking I could go with out some for the first time in years! I know the HIV meds have a lot to do with it to being strong in the immune department helps to clear up the acne! Yah My self image is high and getting stronger...I've always been a people person and when you feel good about your self its so much easier I tell ya trust me!
Ok I'm going on I got get me but in the shower!

I felt really bad I let two guys down but I have to take care of myself If I go to hard! I wont be any good to anyone!

It is busy here in Toronto The city is a buzz it feel great!

More to come, did any one here in Toronto see the big blue balloons on the street poles up and down church? Don't they look cute! I helped put them up, what fun that is going up and down the street with gigantic big blue balls! Haha Every one was looking at me! Not that they don't usually but C'mon when you r going down the street climbing up ladders with 3 foot wide balloons who could not look! I hope I didn't look to hot and wet! I tell you when summer hit Toronto its hot hot hot!

I'm outz busy day of trying to sell one party or an other to the boyz and girlz!

G' Day all


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Well I can now say I've been on stage at Woodys in a show and not a Drag show at that, not that I don't mind Drag but its not for me, I was in the Leather make over contest it was to fun! I didn't win, ah I was only a bit biter I might ad that the winner was a big girl, I'm not sure what it is but every contest I've seen where the token girl is in it in a gay bar they always win! I looked good
here are the links to what I was in

first of was a
Laced Vest
By Priape Cuir/Leather
Black soft leather. Laced on both sides

under the vest I had on a simple roots white T shirt I would have not had it on but because of the testosterone injections I look like I've just started puberty, with a few rather large pimples on me chest that would have looked not good in the bright lights!
I'm sure it would have not been that bad but I'm very particular about my appearance to much some times!
Second I had on a pair of rather tight
Low Rise Laced Pants
By Priape Cuir/Leather

third I had on this very cute hat that looks sorta like a cowboy hat
Leather Hat
By Priape Cuir/Leather

opps I forgot I also had on a simple
3 Snaps Cock-Ring
By Priape Cuir/Leather
Black soft leather, adjustable

the one I have is a five snap though I prefer them because it has more adjustment ability for the tighter feel you some times need on a busy night a-em!

I also had on a pair of my own black boot that I should say had to be repaired with new heals ect done, I looked hot, I' would say I got at least the third loudest amount of applause the guy that came in second was super sexy and in a pair of chaps with a bubble but to die for, in fact it was one of the hottest buts I've seen! If the big girl was not in it I would have been runner up, I'm a bit upset with the gay guys for always voting for the girl, Ok call me bitter but at least I'm admitting to it! I didn't enter for what I could get out of it, I was very happy to support the guys from Folsom Fair North

They are two real cool guys! I like them lots and with out hesitation will say I'm very proud to be involved with them!

the night turned out to be very successful like all other pre events so far this year! No crazy SARS bull shit this year! We are back on top and going strong again and I'm happy to say it!

Me need to get my sleep I tell ya all when its hot out the energy just gets zapped out a me when I'm out there doing my thing in the Sun! I've got a Tan and it looks good! First time I can remember having a tan in 10+ years, I forgot how sexy I look with some colour!

Of to bed I can't seem to sleep more than 4 hour at a time and I'm up for a bit and sleep some more, I'm going to have to talk to the Doc! I need my sleep....

Over all things are going freaking great, busy and happy, thankful for my health and proud to be who I am!

Night Night all!

ps why is it that when a real girl enters a contest in a gay bar she almost always will win regardles of what she looks like or does? is this the norm every where! I'm curious why the boys will always vote for the girl and not the boys! After all this particular bar is 99% men at any given time...I'm very curious about this seen it happen many many times?


Friday, June 11, 2004

hey I was fitted for my leather make over at Woodys this Sunday...

Looking good...

No time for more I'm way to busy, I'm so freaking happy its crazy!
Health is improving viral load is down to 500...

More to come later I'm of to a photo shoot at a restaurant here in our Fab gay ghetto!

Toronto is the best!


Thursday, June 10, 2004

I'm going to a new high and its feeling good, I've been missing out on Life for to long! I'm out of my mind with good feeling all due to being busy with every thing! It feels good to be in demand!

I'm pushing for time and I love it! I am looking so forward to this month and working! I'm super in demand people are seeking me out to promote there events! It feels good to have people say your good and we want you! Yep....I'm hoping to here from anyone who reads this little slice of my life to let me know if your on yer way here for Pride!

Let me know K!

I'm of to sleep I'm trying to get up before noon Man is that hard when your used to sleeping al Day!

I'm happy to start promoting for another party the Prism Revival

I'm outz

Night Night


Sunday, June 06, 2004

I give honor to my fellow Canadians whose Families have and including mine in our past and today for all there sacrifices to our Country Canada and the World! I couldn't imagine a time when over a 1 000 000 of my fellow citizens where fighting in War to protect my beloved country! I'm very proud to be Canadian and today I'm a bit more if that can be possible, I watched to ceremonies in France this morning with love in my heart seeing my fellow Canadians so Proud over there in France representing us!

My heart goes out to everyone around the World I wish peace to anyone who is reading this who may be some where that is not safe and you are not feeling secure, I could only imagine what it must be like to feel such a way! I'm a true believer in Canada and our ideals of acceptance So I say again please, Your welcome to come here! We accept everyone here!

My deepest respect to all the Men and Women around the World fighting to defend our way of life!

I'm so moved by the Normandy tribute tears are coming to my eyes as I watch it, as I'm writing this post!

Very good I'm very impressed with France and I swear I'm going there soon after all My Family is of French heritage, My family Name is Bergeron!
My Grandfather was in the Merchant Marines I'm sad that I never got to know what he did other than to see at his Funeral his chest full of medals I hope one day to know what it was he did and my family! If anyone knows how I could find out that information I would be grateful

I'm of for an other busy day!

Viva la France!


Saturday, June 05, 2004

Blue Jays
Canada's biggest one day Gay and Lesbian focused sporting Event! Toronto Blue Jays invite you to celebrate the first annual Pride Day at SkyDome!

My Newest event! That I am promoting! Friday June 25 Blue Jays vs the Montreal Expos! In a way I'm working to sell major league base ball how crazy is that Hmmm I'm into it! I've always liked the look of a man in uniform!

Its during Pride!
I'm also promoting the Aqua party to I'm up to 5 events now! Busy busy man I tell ya!

It does sound strange I know but it is for real, Anyone in Toronto who needs tickets you can get them at Play from me from 4 to 8 pm...The tickets are 20$ or 35$ and you get a ticket to the
Aqua Party this years big fun in the Sun wet day party its at the Docks....

Its all fun I've never been to a Blue Jays game or the big wet party so I'm excited to see both, Any one who is on there way here can get tickets by calling 416-341-1234...

1.50 from the game tickets go to Pride I do believe this will be the first time a major sports team has done something like this in North America, I'm very proud to be a part of this Like all events I promote!....

See you at the Ball Game, there will be an entire section of gay ladies and Gents, Sharon Gless from Queer as Folk will be throwing the first pitch, How cool is that....

All in all I'm very happy and feeling good, I'm back on my game and have decided to be a good boy and concentrate on work, I've been working hard and its starting to pay of, Sometimes I'm taken a bit back by the fact people are seeking me out to work on there events! Yah its true I'm pumped up and looking forward to every day!

Things with the Folsom Fair are going good in fact I'm going to be in this Official Folsom Fair Pre-Event

Cuir Eye for the Trendy Guy
Sunday, June 13, 2004 @Woodys
Leather & Fetish makeovers!

This event will be filmed by PrideVision TV and broadcast in Canada and the United States.

I'm very excited about it and very nervous I have a fitting next week for leather outfits ect...

It will not be the first time I've been in a contest at a bar but for sure the first time I'm in such a big exciting one!

Ouch I'm tired I'm so busy and loving it! Aint no stopping me now!

I so of to bed

Night Night


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I'm in tears now from a show named Prom Queen! I'm watching on a local Canadian station CTV, A few years back here in Ontario a young man took his Catholic School to court for the right to go to His Prom with his Boyfriend, Its so a Canadian movie the ones who have seen a Canadian film will know what I mean, But its so dam good!
My heart is just spinning and my emotions are going through the roof! I'm crying like a big baby! The young mans name is Marc Hall and he did win and went to the Prom with his date! Its another reason why I'm so very proud to be Canadian!

An other thing I keep seeing beautiful American couples here in Canada to get married in fact so many are leaving the USA and becoming Canadian citizens! I can understand how heart broken they must be that there government does not support them! So I urge the people there to go out and vote! I'm worried that here in Canada we are about to bring in A Conservative government! I shudder at what that could mean! Get your buts here and get married! Its great so many of my friends have done it!

Who know if the time comes and some super hot sexy stud wants to marry me I could say yes! Funny this is the first time in my life I've actually considered that, I feels f##king great to be able to say that Wow I could get married one day Who knows!

Only a few weeks till Pride wow is this year flying by! I'm glad its been a good year so far and I've made it, 31 soon I can't be that old I sure don't feel 31!
Any one who is planning a trip here and want to meet for a drink let me know! I would be happy to play hostess!

I outz

Night Night!


Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I have been being a bad boy to much going out and up to no Good I have started to lose track and let my bad habits control me! I'm angry with my self big time...But I know I will move on and continue It really freaking pisses me of I look forward to the day when I beat the party bug out of me....I wasted two days because of going out in bed this week and missed out on a few thing I should have done, I'm not going to get into it but lets just say I worked hard for some thing and didn't go to it! Hey there is next year.....

So Its starting the Gay Blue Jays Day, I'm not sure what its all about yet I'll find out today, It does sound funny the idea gay guys running around Sky Dome...I think it should be fun...
I can just see the crowds it is going to be some thing to see that is for sure!

And there is the Folsom Fair North I'm out today putting up posters along Young street Here in Toronto! It should be fun going into stores shops ect asking to put in posters for a leather fetish fair! I'm looking forward to that!

I added a new link to my blog designer blog
It always makes my day to see when someone has added me to there blog and it in return makes me feel good to add others....I've noticed that there are several blogs I'm usually linked with in different blogs, they are all very good blogs and I'm honored to be in such company!

I'm of to get my smelly self in a shower and get this day started!
I forget I think to mention that the Folsom Fair job in an other volunteer job! I wasn't sure about taking on another volunteer job after Fashion Cares and The Red Party! But I just couldn't resist there is so much to be gained in Volunteering that is worth much more than money and the event proceeds go to AIDS Committee of Toronto! Yes Indeed another fundraiser for them and its all good and as I've said close to my heart and all my friends .....More news about my up and coming career of sorts A Lady came up to me when I was putting up a poster for Folsom Fair North and offered me An other Job posters Flyers that kinda thing for the Bar I was working for before that cancelled there after hours from low turnouts for many reasons that where beyond my control, I always tell the people I work for I can hand out thousands of flyers and put up as many posters but when the people get there its your turn I cant make them stay some where they don't want to! So wee will see how that one works, a turn around me working for a promoter for a night at a Bar I was promoting, funny because I was telling them they need to get promoters in people with experience! I'm getting there but still building my list and my contacts that are not nearly big enough to start my own bar night but with time I will be there and doing it properly!..

Oppps I need to get in the shower and out a here!

Later ladies and Gents!


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