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Thursday, May 27, 2004

You know what they say good things come in groups well I was of to bed and then My friend JR we will call Him!Popped in my head! The guy I took To LA last fall Remember the Trip I Won To the World Premier Of the Matrix Revolutions...The First in the World to See It! I should tell more about that trip on a future post...I recall I was depressed from seeing how the rich and famous live and didn't post much on the Trip....Well At the Red Party there was a


Tickets where $10

Your Chance to Win a Sharp Flat Screen Television

You are thinking who Won Well when I went to the Red Party's Producers Fab Penthouse in The Village to pic up some things and say Hi he just casually said who won the 2400 dollar plasma TV Some Guy Named JR My freaking Best friend in the World the one I go out with all the time One of my only friends in the World The one I took to LA We go out for meals drinks and just go crazy together...He didn't want to come to The Red Party I had called him late , He was planning on being there, I called him gave him shit for not calling and told him to get his ass there My best Bud was going to be there to support me....So first thing he does in the door was buy a dam ticket...And well its on its way to Him....Now Is that a friend He didn't even Buy a ticket to the Party and walks off with A 2400$ new flat screen TV....Its that Good energy The Vibe I'm giving of the flow is happening I tell You nothing is going to stop me Now Oh no!
Hey its a song I know...
I couldn't wait to call JR The Producer of the Party for sure got to call first then I'm like Bitch your taking me out for Dinner and we are having a Fab freaking outrageous celebration party to thank the Ladies and Gents behind the Red Party for the Fab TV..Now does it come in threes fours I've won or been involved in some way with thousands of dollars in prizes....Yahhhh for JR He is My bud and I couldn't think Of a better Guy to Win, By the way He is in the Movie/TV industry...Own production company good guy very creative and will put the TV to good use with all the DVDs he owns The lucky Bastard, I love him He knows that.....Hmmmm I feel good because I had to guilt him in to getting his ass there and look what happen...Perfect perfect I know I know to much but I have to share Who could resist!

I'm for sure outs tonight I've gotz to sleep two more days till
Fashion Cares

Chow The things I do for my friends I tell you I should have more of Em LOL


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