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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Well the Red Party has come and Gone and What a night! It was fast though It was all over before I could take it all in....Simone Denny was great...I missed Jai Rodrigues I had a few to many drinks and got all messy but I still had a good time! And was happy to see a good crowd there! I hope we raised lots of money for Canfar! There was a lot of other parties on the holiday long weekend and the competition was tough, I'm a bit upset with some of the clubs and guys who put on parties that they played some not so cool politics like giving away hundreds of free tickets and of course covering up posters...I think its a bit shameful to try and take away from a HIV/Aids benefits
fundraiser, We have these parties only a few times a year! I really wish that all the big parties that are all about doing E and getting HI would have more respect and not plan there parties the same nights there are many weekends to have parties and Pride is only a month away!...Unfortunately the all mighty dollar I think wins and peoples conscience's goes out the door, they will live with there decisions!I wish that there would be more cooperation between the big guys to better plan the parties and the dates there is only so many gay boys and there friends who can go and if there are to many parties at one time no one will make money and from what I here many of the big time party promoters or producers are fighting to survive this may not be the case if the cooperation was there! My two cents, And I tell you when the day comes when I'm running the show I'm going to be playing fair, there fore keeping a clear conscience and I will never try and undercut and go up against and AIDS/HIV fund raiser I'm sorry but there just seems to be something that feels wrong with that!

All in all I had a great weekend I'm not!ok I will say that I
didn't get in till 10am Monday morning was at the House of many doors as a good friend of mine puts it, The Spa XS one of the fine spas here in Toronto, And for once I had enough nerve and one to many drinks in me to get all the sex I could, I tell Ya I was a wild man and its been months, and well deserved, I couldn't seem to keep my towel on all night Oh my what a slut I was that night, who knows because I don't care for bath houses per say but that night I was in heaven, I hope the poor guy could walk the next day Because I was stiff all over, some places I should be sore more often If you all know what I mean, I didn't know I had muscles in those places!

Ok I'm going to try and get my act together, after a day and a half of recovery time I need to Focus of Fashion Cares!

I'm out to promote my ass off well put up posters and hand out as many flyers as I can!
I'm looking very forward to Fashion Cares I've put in a lot of hours as well as the guys at ACT they seem to live in the office, I saw a commercial for the Fashion Cares today on a local TV channel

Its all good and for something I care for and I will be working this time so no drinks I can't take it and anyone who had been reading this for some time knows I shouldn't be drinking I'm doing ok! I couldn't not have a drink or two at a party I worked so hard to promote for weeks, but To keep in good faith with my conscience's no more drinks for a long time My health is way more important, I'm proud of my self I've really been doing really good so I think I can allow myself to let loose once in a very little while! K so don't worry I'm still in control, and yes I'm trying to tell my self to behave as well as not be a hypocrite it is Hard at times but I feel I'm still in control and all of you will know if I'm not because I will share like I always do!

Cheers and take care of your self because, you deserve it!

Night Night all

One last thing I'm kind of in a internal struggle with the name of my Blog, it seems to not fit now I still consider myself a reformed in a sense party boy! I'm not hi all the time and drunk every day! But I now am promoting and helping put together parties that I was at one time having a problem with! Well I never really went to any of the kind of things I've been promoting I could never get my act together I was to out of control! I do believe that One can go to the kind of functions I've been promoting and be responsible! I've never been anti drug but at the same time I am in some ways I think my point is self control and knowing when you have a problem, Am I being a hypocrite here! I'm not sure, I know that I can go out and have a good time with out drugs and there are times that I will have some party favors not very often I'm thinking that I may be deceiving my self! I'm up in the air! I think I'm still solid with my convictions and that I have integrity, One can have fun and still be in control that is the Key and I think through my past of excess and out of control life style that I do offer a sound voice that can and will help one to know when they have gone to far and need help! Because I have received emails from guys who think they are out of control and I know that I have helped in my way! Help please to know if this makes any sense at all please!

Its all good I think and I'm happy and I'm sure that this is not a bad thing!

My internal doubts are strong because of my guilt for having a good time and slipping, I don't know I'm ok but what next is the Key, I guess we will see! Can I keep it all together, I think so I hope So!

GCXPY should I take the X out I don't think so tell me what I should do here ! please!


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