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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Ouch my muscles are sore everywhere!

What a time I had the other day I was at a Friends the next thing I know there are Three other guys there The porn is on and next thing I know everyone Is having Sex including me! Oh my God It was a true orgy My first one! In fact there was a lot of first that night! My first three way that went well! I was in the Middle for a little that was intense I Tell ya if you haven't tried it Don't wait and be shy Like I have Wow have I been missing out on some good sex I can hardly walk oh my lord!

More to come on that night and the last few later!

I'm of to get my Belt from the Guys apt. Where the Sex party was and my Sun Glasses from a dinner party I was at the day before, Hmm Why do I keep forgetting my things every where?


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