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Thursday, May 27, 2004

oooops one thing I forgot about the Red Party!

It seem I was a busy Boy and don't remember everything, I got a friends boyfriend Back stage to meet Simone Denny, He was in heaven Turns out he is a super big big fan the Boy was star struck...Saw the Friend Today told me how happy He was that I got them Back stage and said Thanks! A backstage pass none the less eh humm If I do say so My self! It felt good Its all about the hard work and then you get to give it back by helping a friend with a Dream come true, I love it good energy passed on to others...She was a gem by the Way If you think her music is good Well the person is Solid and loves her Gay boy Fans I love it! All the Power to her! She rocks.....A Super Star indeed!
And thank you to all in Toronto who came buy to show your support!

I'm tired boys and girls I'm outz for tonight...



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