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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

On a way lighter note I have to say How much I love the world of Bloging! And how happy it makes me to see others who read my Blog put links like this on n.U.T.t.Y's. L.|.f.E and a an other one from across the pond in My mother country England
Perfect Day
I've been looked at by and read about by almost 6000 now and I'm happy as can be to be sharing with every last one of you, What a big perfect world we all have sometimes Its all worth it and We should not forget we are all so much alike and a feel and hurt and love and cry and well we are so much alike all of us and we need to not forget that that when you think your alone and that your the only one going through a hard time don't forget that your not alone We all have been there and have shared one thing or other in common....

Wow 6000 its been a fun ride on this Blog sharing my life, I will keep on going and fighting the good fight...
Now back to trying to get my room clean what a smelly mess, ouch ya when your busy who has time to clean! I love it and I'm feeling good Oh ya did I mention that already!


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