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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Let me tell ya I've been hi most of my life, take a ride on a purple air plane, I don't know when I'll be back again!

Remember that song!

Love Inc!

Simone Denny I met her today it was so so cool, She is the one who sings the song for Queer eye for the Straight guy I was walking around church street with her and the Producer of the Red Party, We had a pre Red Party at a local Music store here In Toronto where the tickets are sold! It was so cool because I remember the song Broken Bones, the part about being Hi most of my life from the song was kind of my anthem when I was in Vancouver working in the clubs there! When the song came on we all got really into it, Things are getting very exciting for me, like I've been saying I'm very happy! Jai Rodriguezfrom Queer Eye is here next Sunday for the Red Party and I'm sure we will meet and have a drink and Chat, This has been a Dream of mine for years to get to this point as a Promoter! I'm moving and shaking! Took a picture with Simone with a big Red feather Boa on me! Way cool....Your a Superstar Your a SuperStar....Reach for the sky and hold your head up Hi, think of all the friends you've made, Remember that song! I love it! Its been a fav of mine since I first heard it! Don't you be afraid, like any other night you got your name up in lights!

The week after its Fashion Cares, I'm going to be Back Stage and getting to meet PATTI LABELLE, I'm so excited, All this is because of My hard work and my determination to make a difference for what I believe in! One goal I had when I came out was to Volunteer and be a part of HIV/Aids foundations and I'm doing it, putting in 40+ hours a week and loving it, people ask me what! You are not getting paid! I say no and I would not have it any other way! I get more out of it than money could ever give me and that's the satisfaction of knowing I'm helping others!......

I'm meeting so many good people and couldn't be more happy to give 100% of my energy to them to make these two events a success!....

Pride is next, I'm already working on several opportunity's to promote events, very exciting! I just got a job as well to promote the Gay Blue Jays day here in Toronto! The base ball team, MBA, who knows, me and base ball! I'm happy to be a part of that as well, Got my Blue Jays hat, now all I need is a jersey and I'm set! Its going to be a great summer here in Toronto, Come one come all!....Send me an email if you want to meet up or some tips about what to do if your on your way here! I'll be volunteering for pride again this year so I should be able to fill in any info needed!

I'm out a here I was out Saturday night till 6am promoting, then up at noon, I love it feeling tired its great to do something with your day full of good energy and positive good people, I'm blessed to have such good people around me!

Cheers and A big big hug goes out to all!
everyone's a superstar, like I always say take good care of your self because you deserve it!
Night Night all!

The following is from the Red Party web page I was so excited to meet her I tell Ya What a great lady she is so friendly and Kind! She lives here in Toronto she told me today just like Prince has said there is no where else in the world like Toronto the mix of people all getting along is just amazing! We truly are a multicultural country and city, everyone is welcome we are all here, so if your reading this from some far off place and want a better life for your self come here to Canada I'll welcome you myself at the airport! I have a link in my links take a look it has all the info for people wanting to know more about Canada!

Simone Denny

Simone Denny is a dynamic, soulful diva who is distinct in her desire to embrace all genres of music, with no limits, transcending all boundaries. "I want to make people feel limitless, beautiful and empowered," she says. Her deep-rooted love of music is driving her toward more musical accolades, as her incredible voice, stage presence, shining personality and total understanding of the verb "to sang" clearly demonstrate.

Simone is the lead vocalist on the Widelife tracks "I Don't Want You" and the opening song "All Things" from the hit NBC/Bravo Television Show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." Simone is the former lead vocalist of the platinum-selling dance music group Love Inc. "Your A Superstar" Ms. Denny's vocal prowess has earned her 10 #1 hit songs worldwide, 4 Canadian Juno Awards and 4 Much Music Awards, including "Best Dance Recording" and "Video of the Year"

The partiers at this year's event are sure to light up when she takes the stage in what will be a high energy choreographed production spectacular. We are proud of our fellow Canadian and honoured to have Simone as one of our featured performers.


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