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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Its been so warm here in Toronto I love it finally after such a long winter! Its getting hot in my room now big time, no Window in my room at least one that opens! It crunch time now! Two weeks to the events and I'm going to be busy! On a sad note I think I lost the job with that new bar that opened here! They canceled there after hours for the time being! I hope they figure out things! The crowds just didn't happen! When a space has a reputation it seems no matter what you do to improve it or remodel if gay boys don't want to go there is not much you can do!

Oh its hot in here I tell ya! Hmmmm how long will I have to wait before the ac gets tuned on, next place I live is going to have to have windows that I can open that will be a must!


Good Morning


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