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Friday, May 07, 2004

I'm proud to help with the promotions for this years Red Party As well as Fashion Caresall volunteer for sure I was asked how much I charged for the red party and I told them nothing I'm free for this kind of party it important to me to help in my own way I feel I'm making a difference!

I'm so proud to be involved with these two events I couldn't be more happy, as well I've been promoting a new bar here in Toronto and have two guys now working for me Flyering, I have a few new job prospects to promote businesses here in Torontos gaybourhood....What started with handing out a few flyers and putting up some posters has turned into a business of sorts, Its been a long time Dream of mine to be a Club promoter or something like that and its happening slowly I think I may have my own nights at some club here in to or put on my own party Its going to take time but I"m doing the work hard and its paying off, I'm revved up and clean, I know that will be mt ticket to not be the party boy I made that mistake before I am now making money of the party and not turning my life into the party...Its all good, I don't have time to even do my laundry lately craziness, the health is ok could be worse, I'm responding well to the HIV meds still and the old pancreas is still pissing me of but under pain control so I can manage with my life!

Cheers all I'm so pooped of to bed

Night night....

IF your in To buy tickets to the parties its for HIV/Aids what cause is closer to our hearts than helping each other!


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