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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I'm just of the Hi from watching Enterprise! All I can say is wow A big BIG F**king Wow I love the show and what the heck with that ending If you haven't seen it!!! just wait its awesome!

Rant in short form Start
Deleted a big long Rant about the war the middle east all the shit! Thank me myself for sparing you and me to read about it We all know we want it to end, I say one thing Why can't everyone just get along,look at Canada learn from us we are a peaceful kind peace keeping nation who give of are selves all the time to help others and for what I wonder sometimes if we should just let them all be and kill each other and wash our hands of it all once in for all because I"m so tired of all the shit from other parts of the world C'mon grow up and get along for bloody sake anyway...That's it I'm done with that! Trust me unless something really bad happens....To all my US brothers I feel for you and we will prevail keep the good fight going we know who will prevail in the end, just get rid of Bush please I'm so tired of Him please really!

End of Rant

Good Good freaking more Yes! news Doctor update cd4 is now at 240 from 200 Viral load from 1000+ to 500, I'm feeling good and HIV is not a hold of me now, I've avoided Aids, its scares me that only two month's ago my cd4 was 160 That was very close! I was close to Aids and could have got any number of infections I was lucky and made it through....I'm happy!

Landed a New Bar to promote and an other big event, That's five now. The Big Big Pride parties! Gay Blue Jays Day, A big pride drag show contest, plus these two new ones I will get into more in the next few posts, that is Five things to promote and or work in one way or an other with....I may need to find someone or two someone's to assist me things are getting so very busy for Me and I love it.....I'm getting there slowly and surely..I'm getting there yes I am....

I had to share this its Funny an add campain but good, its Super Man and Jerry Sienfeld C'mon
Super Man and Siendfeld Funny stuff

This one is to way Funny just have a look and give it a chance it will bring you back if the hilight of your morning, the Capin Crunch or the Fruit loops like myself when A kid to this day when I'm feeling like a kid I will buy myself a big box of the old faves and eat it all that night!milk and cereal
Pus the two Guys are sexy just go and look Trust me it will bring a big smile to Ya and warm your heart....
No need to thank me for the links I aim to please...

Good Good day after several others what is happening to my life Am I for real I can't believe it!

I'm happy again I know I know I keep saying it! But is that what its not all about, good energy good vibes all around, love peace and good fortune to aLL

Night Night

Gay Canadian "yes still" X Party Boy....I'm at peace with my self I know who I have to answer to myself and I think I'm ok I'm so fortunate to have awesome people who read my Blog and helped me out with the comments and emails you all are great Thanks Guys You know who you are!

all MY LOVE TO ya aLL!


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