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Saturday, May 15, 2004

I so SO forgot to mention some of the best kick ass totally cool news I've had in years, get this I went to the Doctor Thursday afternoon, keep in mind I started the HIV meds about a month and a half ago...Well I've never been one to dwell on the viral load numbers, well it was 480 000+ and after only a month it dropped to just over a 1000 which by what I here is an amazing drop the t4 cells went to 200 from 160, I'm so happy about this and very pleased with the meds I only hope this is a sign of things to come, I'm very lucky to have always had a strong immune system my whole life and never really been sick from anything that was serious! My body is getting stronger and I'm looking good I'm on track to getting where I want to be, people are starting to tell me I'm looking good! Yes I am and it shows this is good! I have to get to sleep, One thing I should ad is that It is so very important to take your meds on time and not party on them I think because I've been trying to behave its also made a big difference in the meds working well, and no side effects that I can see...

of to sleep for sure this time!


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