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Thursday, May 27, 2004

I seem to have been utterly out of touch with the female readers and have just realized that I have more than one linked on my Blog, Its funny how when you read ones blog and it is not full of he or she the sex of the blogger is not always obvious! A special note to all the Ladies that are linked on my Blog and or that read and join in My adventures aka My Live...I will from now on be acnowledgeing all the females in my posts and life! A little more respect some times I feel the distinct lack of Women in My life and after really dealing with and working, hanging out with a few sistas from The Red Party I have grown to appreciate the female gentleness and energy again, something I have always pushed away because in part to the years of mental abuse from my Mother <--- long story I will one day get in to its just so draining and my friends are my family so I focus on them!

Cheers to the Ladieas!

Off to start ME Day


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