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Saturday, May 15, 2004

HI there I so just saw myself in this movie A Soldiers girl....I was an extra in it here in Toronto! I'm in the begining first drag show standing with a guy when they walk into the club with bleached out blond hair the guy I'm talking to has a shirt on that is open...So cool first time I've seen myself in a movie! Other than Queer as Folk, but every gay boy here in Toronto has been it that show! I'm downloading it On winmx its driving me crazy waiting to see it I'm slowly getting the file in! The movie was filmed at a club here in Toronto called IT....Gone now the building was torn down for a condo development or something...I look good I can't believe I saw myself....Fun Fun!!!!! You can't miss me I'm wearing a black shiny shirt and well you see me from the back and a bit of a side profile....I know I'm in a few more parts If you have seen it I'm in a part when there coming in the bar I should have red hair all spiked....
Oh boy winmx hurry up I want to see this, well me and a few of my friends that where extras,,,,I should really start back in that It was fun and easy money!

I'm proud to also mention that I'm now promoting an other party here in Toronto The Queer as Folk Future Babylon tourThis is the second year, I'm also very happy since I started the Red Party and Fashion Cares I've met so many people in the Business and have had many future opportunities given, I'm fast on the road to being a full fledged promoter of sorts or who knows a Producer of a event...I'm so excited and to be able to be clean and clear headed makes it more exciting!
Ya Hoo for me!
I'm also so very happy that I've met the guy behind the Red Party he is a great guy and I look forward to getting to know him and work with him in the future!

Oh boy Me so Tired...
Night Night boys and Girls


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