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Monday, May 17, 2004

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Wow I've been using a new tracking site its great it lets me see who everyone is and where they come from! Look at all the countries, I'm amazed at some of the places like Iran for example!
I love it everyone is welcome here at X Party Boy's Blog! Well except gay bashers! I had a bashing happen to me on Saturday night here in front of Woodys around 1am when I was handing out flyers! A car went by and threw an egg at us! I'm not sure if I was there target or not but it missed me and hit the car behind me! For those who watch Queer as Folk Woodys is the bar in the show called Babylon! It was not to bad seen as it hit the car and only a bit got me I didn't let it bring me down and forgot about it very shortly! Everyone around at the time where perfect,they all help with napkins or tissues to clean it of my back! Shame on people like that! I have a feeling this may be because of the storyline on Q&F the last while! I'm not happy at all with the Pink posse thing and them beating up straight guys! I have a feeling its going to cause a backlash in our communities and that is not welcome! I've not been a big fan of the show as of late and am not going to be watching every one this year either! I'm OK everyone around me seemed to be more upset than me! I move on and keep thinking good things!

Busy day for me later all!


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