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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Ouch my muscles are sore everywhere!

What a time I had the other day I was at a Friends the next thing I know there are Three other guys there The porn is on and next thing I know everyone Is having Sex including me! Oh my God It was a true orgy My first one! In fact there was a lot of first that night! My first three way that went well! I was in the Middle for a little that was intense I Tell ya if you haven't tried it Don't wait and be shy Like I have Wow have I been missing out on some good sex I can hardly walk oh my lord!

More to come on that night and the last few later!

I'm of to get my Belt from the Guys apt. Where the Sex party was and my Sun Glasses from a dinner party I was at the day before, Hmm Why do I keep forgetting my things every where?


Friday, May 28, 2004

Some thing new to add to the list of events bars parties I'm promoting
Folsom Fair North

How thrilling is this I'm one busy guy a few months ago I was sitting in my room 24/7 feeling sorry for my self now I'm thinking I may need to hire an assistant to help me I'm to happy for words....

I'm going to start promoting for a Latin Bar soon in the village soon, the Gay Blue Jays Day, The big Pride parties I'm starting soon, Fashion Cares this weekend...I'm also working on a few other things how pumped am I Being busy, It really makes life more livable and fun!

Tomorrow more postering hair cut, manicure, eye brow wax and shopping I should be set for Fashion Cares I'm looking so forward to being there this year..Last year I hurt my foot and couldn't go after working on it for weeks...Not this year I should be in fine shape!

Night Night


Thursday, May 27, 2004

I seem to have been utterly out of touch with the female readers and have just realized that I have more than one linked on my Blog, Its funny how when you read ones blog and it is not full of he or she the sex of the blogger is not always obvious! A special note to all the Ladies that are linked on my Blog and or that read and join in My adventures aka My Live...I will from now on be acnowledgeing all the females in my posts and life! A little more respect some times I feel the distinct lack of Women in My life and after really dealing with and working, hanging out with a few sistas from The Red Party I have grown to appreciate the female gentleness and energy again, something I have always pushed away because in part to the years of mental abuse from my Mother <--- long story I will one day get in to its just so draining and my friends are my family so I focus on them!

Cheers to the Ladieas!

Off to start ME Day

You know what they say good things come in groups well I was of to bed and then My friend JR we will call Him!Popped in my head! The guy I took To LA last fall Remember the Trip I Won To the World Premier Of the Matrix Revolutions...The First in the World to See It! I should tell more about that trip on a future post...I recall I was depressed from seeing how the rich and famous live and didn't post much on the Trip....Well At the Red Party there was a


Tickets where $10

Your Chance to Win a Sharp Flat Screen Television

You are thinking who Won Well when I went to the Red Party's Producers Fab Penthouse in The Village to pic up some things and say Hi he just casually said who won the 2400 dollar plasma TV Some Guy Named JR My freaking Best friend in the World the one I go out with all the time One of my only friends in the World The one I took to LA We go out for meals drinks and just go crazy together...He didn't want to come to The Red Party I had called him late , He was planning on being there, I called him gave him shit for not calling and told him to get his ass there My best Bud was going to be there to support me....So first thing he does in the door was buy a dam ticket...And well its on its way to Him....Now Is that a friend He didn't even Buy a ticket to the Party and walks off with A 2400$ new flat screen TV....Its that Good energy The Vibe I'm giving of the flow is happening I tell You nothing is going to stop me Now Oh no!
Hey its a song I know...
I couldn't wait to call JR The Producer of the Party for sure got to call first then I'm like Bitch your taking me out for Dinner and we are having a Fab freaking outrageous celebration party to thank the Ladies and Gents behind the Red Party for the Fab TV..Now does it come in threes fours I've won or been involved in some way with thousands of dollars in prizes....Yahhhh for JR He is My bud and I couldn't think Of a better Guy to Win, By the way He is in the Movie/TV industry...Own production company good guy very creative and will put the TV to good use with all the DVDs he owns The lucky Bastard, I love him He knows that.....Hmmmm I feel good because I had to guilt him in to getting his ass there and look what happen...Perfect perfect I know I know to much but I have to share Who could resist!

I'm for sure outs tonight I've gotz to sleep two more days till
Fashion Cares

Chow The things I do for my friends I tell you I should have more of Em LOL

oooops one thing I forgot about the Red Party!

It seem I was a busy Boy and don't remember everything, I got a friends boyfriend Back stage to meet Simone Denny, He was in heaven Turns out he is a super big big fan the Boy was star struck...Saw the Friend Today told me how happy He was that I got them Back stage and said Thanks! A backstage pass none the less eh humm If I do say so My self! It felt good Its all about the hard work and then you get to give it back by helping a friend with a Dream come true, I love it good energy passed on to others...She was a gem by the Way If you think her music is good Well the person is Solid and loves her Gay boy Fans I love it! All the Power to her! She rocks.....A Super Star indeed!
And thank you to all in Toronto who came buy to show your support!

I'm tired boys and girls I'm outz for tonight...



Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I'm just of the Hi from watching Enterprise! All I can say is wow A big BIG F**king Wow I love the show and what the heck with that ending If you haven't seen it!!! just wait its awesome!

Rant in short form Start
Deleted a big long Rant about the war the middle east all the shit! Thank me myself for sparing you and me to read about it We all know we want it to end, I say one thing Why can't everyone just get along,look at Canada learn from us we are a peaceful kind peace keeping nation who give of are selves all the time to help others and for what I wonder sometimes if we should just let them all be and kill each other and wash our hands of it all once in for all because I"m so tired of all the shit from other parts of the world C'mon grow up and get along for bloody sake anyway...That's it I'm done with that! Trust me unless something really bad happens....To all my US brothers I feel for you and we will prevail keep the good fight going we know who will prevail in the end, just get rid of Bush please I'm so tired of Him please really!

End of Rant

Good Good freaking more Yes! news Doctor update cd4 is now at 240 from 200 Viral load from 1000+ to 500, I'm feeling good and HIV is not a hold of me now, I've avoided Aids, its scares me that only two month's ago my cd4 was 160 That was very close! I was close to Aids and could have got any number of infections I was lucky and made it through....I'm happy!

Landed a New Bar to promote and an other big event, That's five now. The Big Big Pride parties! Gay Blue Jays Day, A big pride drag show contest, plus these two new ones I will get into more in the next few posts, that is Five things to promote and or work in one way or an other with....I may need to find someone or two someone's to assist me things are getting so very busy for Me and I love it.....I'm getting there slowly and surely..I'm getting there yes I am....

I had to share this its Funny an add campain but good, its Super Man and Jerry Sienfeld C'mon
Super Man and Siendfeld Funny stuff

This one is to way Funny just have a look and give it a chance it will bring you back if the hilight of your morning, the Capin Crunch or the Fruit loops like myself when A kid to this day when I'm feeling like a kid I will buy myself a big box of the old faves and eat it all that night!milk and cereal
Pus the two Guys are sexy just go and look Trust me it will bring a big smile to Ya and warm your heart....
No need to thank me for the links I aim to please...

Good Good day after several others what is happening to my life Am I for real I can't believe it!

I'm happy again I know I know I keep saying it! But is that what its not all about, good energy good vibes all around, love peace and good fortune to aLL

Night Night

Gay Canadian "yes still" X Party Boy....I'm at peace with my self I know who I have to answer to myself and I think I'm ok I'm so fortunate to have awesome people who read my Blog and helped me out with the comments and emails you all are great Thanks Guys You know who you are!

all MY LOVE TO ya aLL!

On a way lighter note I have to say How much I love the world of Bloging! And how happy it makes me to see others who read my Blog put links like this on n.U.T.t.Y's. L.|.f.E and a an other one from across the pond in My mother country England
Perfect Day
I've been looked at by and read about by almost 6000 now and I'm happy as can be to be sharing with every last one of you, What a big perfect world we all have sometimes Its all worth it and We should not forget we are all so much alike and a feel and hurt and love and cry and well we are so much alike all of us and we need to not forget that that when you think your alone and that your the only one going through a hard time don't forget that your not alone We all have been there and have shared one thing or other in common....

Wow 6000 its been a fun ride on this Blog sharing my life, I will keep on going and fighting the good fight...
Now back to trying to get my room clean what a smelly mess, ouch ya when your busy who has time to clean! I love it and I'm feeling good Oh ya did I mention that already!


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Well the Red Party has come and Gone and What a night! It was fast though It was all over before I could take it all in....Simone Denny was great...I missed Jai Rodrigues I had a few to many drinks and got all messy but I still had a good time! And was happy to see a good crowd there! I hope we raised lots of money for Canfar! There was a lot of other parties on the holiday long weekend and the competition was tough, I'm a bit upset with some of the clubs and guys who put on parties that they played some not so cool politics like giving away hundreds of free tickets and of course covering up posters...I think its a bit shameful to try and take away from a HIV/Aids benefits
fundraiser, We have these parties only a few times a year! I really wish that all the big parties that are all about doing E and getting HI would have more respect and not plan there parties the same nights there are many weekends to have parties and Pride is only a month away!...Unfortunately the all mighty dollar I think wins and peoples conscience's goes out the door, they will live with there decisions!I wish that there would be more cooperation between the big guys to better plan the parties and the dates there is only so many gay boys and there friends who can go and if there are to many parties at one time no one will make money and from what I here many of the big time party promoters or producers are fighting to survive this may not be the case if the cooperation was there! My two cents, And I tell you when the day comes when I'm running the show I'm going to be playing fair, there fore keeping a clear conscience and I will never try and undercut and go up against and AIDS/HIV fund raiser I'm sorry but there just seems to be something that feels wrong with that!

All in all I had a great weekend I'm not!ok I will say that I
didn't get in till 10am Monday morning was at the House of many doors as a good friend of mine puts it, The Spa XS one of the fine spas here in Toronto, And for once I had enough nerve and one to many drinks in me to get all the sex I could, I tell Ya I was a wild man and its been months, and well deserved, I couldn't seem to keep my towel on all night Oh my what a slut I was that night, who knows because I don't care for bath houses per say but that night I was in heaven, I hope the poor guy could walk the next day Because I was stiff all over, some places I should be sore more often If you all know what I mean, I didn't know I had muscles in those places!

Ok I'm going to try and get my act together, after a day and a half of recovery time I need to Focus of Fashion Cares!

I'm out to promote my ass off well put up posters and hand out as many flyers as I can!
I'm looking very forward to Fashion Cares I've put in a lot of hours as well as the guys at ACT they seem to live in the office, I saw a commercial for the Fashion Cares today on a local TV channel

Its all good and for something I care for and I will be working this time so no drinks I can't take it and anyone who had been reading this for some time knows I shouldn't be drinking I'm doing ok! I couldn't not have a drink or two at a party I worked so hard to promote for weeks, but To keep in good faith with my conscience's no more drinks for a long time My health is way more important, I'm proud of my self I've really been doing really good so I think I can allow myself to let loose once in a very little while! K so don't worry I'm still in control, and yes I'm trying to tell my self to behave as well as not be a hypocrite it is Hard at times but I feel I'm still in control and all of you will know if I'm not because I will share like I always do!

Cheers and take care of your self because, you deserve it!

Night Night all

One last thing I'm kind of in a internal struggle with the name of my Blog, it seems to not fit now I still consider myself a reformed in a sense party boy! I'm not hi all the time and drunk every day! But I now am promoting and helping put together parties that I was at one time having a problem with! Well I never really went to any of the kind of things I've been promoting I could never get my act together I was to out of control! I do believe that One can go to the kind of functions I've been promoting and be responsible! I've never been anti drug but at the same time I am in some ways I think my point is self control and knowing when you have a problem, Am I being a hypocrite here! I'm not sure, I know that I can go out and have a good time with out drugs and there are times that I will have some party favors not very often I'm thinking that I may be deceiving my self! I'm up in the air! I think I'm still solid with my convictions and that I have integrity, One can have fun and still be in control that is the Key and I think through my past of excess and out of control life style that I do offer a sound voice that can and will help one to know when they have gone to far and need help! Because I have received emails from guys who think they are out of control and I know that I have helped in my way! Help please to know if this makes any sense at all please!

Its all good I think and I'm happy and I'm sure that this is not a bad thing!

My internal doubts are strong because of my guilt for having a good time and slipping, I don't know I'm ok but what next is the Key, I guess we will see! Can I keep it all together, I think so I hope So!

GCXPY should I take the X out I don't think so tell me what I should do here ! please!


Thursday, May 20, 2004

Help me please!

Any one here in Toronto Know where I can get a fabulous Red sparkling shirt that is form fitting and tight A must for sure! I need it for the Red Party Anyone in Toronto please email me with the details

Thank you

I'm outz for a busy night!



Monday, May 17, 2004

Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Sweden, Province of China Taiwan, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, Austria, Thailand, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Poland, Finland, Peru, Brazil, Singapore,Venezuela, Mexico, China, Republic of Korea, India, Dominican Republic, Slovakia, Russian Federation

Wow I've been using a new tracking site its great it lets me see who everyone is and where they come from! Look at all the countries, I'm amazed at some of the places like Iran for example!
I love it everyone is welcome here at X Party Boy's Blog! Well except gay bashers! I had a bashing happen to me on Saturday night here in front of Woodys around 1am when I was handing out flyers! A car went by and threw an egg at us! I'm not sure if I was there target or not but it missed me and hit the car behind me! For those who watch Queer as Folk Woodys is the bar in the show called Babylon! It was not to bad seen as it hit the car and only a bit got me I didn't let it bring me down and forgot about it very shortly! Everyone around at the time where perfect,they all help with napkins or tissues to clean it of my back! Shame on people like that! I have a feeling this may be because of the storyline on Q&F the last while! I'm not happy at all with the Pink posse thing and them beating up straight guys! I have a feeling its going to cause a backlash in our communities and that is not welcome! I've not been a big fan of the show as of late and am not going to be watching every one this year either! I'm OK everyone around me seemed to be more upset than me! I move on and keep thinking good things!

Busy day for me later all!


Sunday, May 16, 2004

Let me tell ya I've been hi most of my life, take a ride on a purple air plane, I don't know when I'll be back again!

Remember that song!

Love Inc!

Simone Denny I met her today it was so so cool, She is the one who sings the song for Queer eye for the Straight guy I was walking around church street with her and the Producer of the Red Party, We had a pre Red Party at a local Music store here In Toronto where the tickets are sold! It was so cool because I remember the song Broken Bones, the part about being Hi most of my life from the song was kind of my anthem when I was in Vancouver working in the clubs there! When the song came on we all got really into it, Things are getting very exciting for me, like I've been saying I'm very happy! Jai Rodriguezfrom Queer Eye is here next Sunday for the Red Party and I'm sure we will meet and have a drink and Chat, This has been a Dream of mine for years to get to this point as a Promoter! I'm moving and shaking! Took a picture with Simone with a big Red feather Boa on me! Way cool....Your a Superstar Your a SuperStar....Reach for the sky and hold your head up Hi, think of all the friends you've made, Remember that song! I love it! Its been a fav of mine since I first heard it! Don't you be afraid, like any other night you got your name up in lights!

The week after its Fashion Cares, I'm going to be Back Stage and getting to meet PATTI LABELLE, I'm so excited, All this is because of My hard work and my determination to make a difference for what I believe in! One goal I had when I came out was to Volunteer and be a part of HIV/Aids foundations and I'm doing it, putting in 40+ hours a week and loving it, people ask me what! You are not getting paid! I say no and I would not have it any other way! I get more out of it than money could ever give me and that's the satisfaction of knowing I'm helping others!......

I'm meeting so many good people and couldn't be more happy to give 100% of my energy to them to make these two events a success!....

Pride is next, I'm already working on several opportunity's to promote events, very exciting! I just got a job as well to promote the Gay Blue Jays day here in Toronto! The base ball team, MBA, who knows, me and base ball! I'm happy to be a part of that as well, Got my Blue Jays hat, now all I need is a jersey and I'm set! Its going to be a great summer here in Toronto, Come one come all!....Send me an email if you want to meet up or some tips about what to do if your on your way here! I'll be volunteering for pride again this year so I should be able to fill in any info needed!

I'm out a here I was out Saturday night till 6am promoting, then up at noon, I love it feeling tired its great to do something with your day full of good energy and positive good people, I'm blessed to have such good people around me!

Cheers and A big big hug goes out to all!
everyone's a superstar, like I always say take good care of your self because you deserve it!
Night Night all!

The following is from the Red Party web page I was so excited to meet her I tell Ya What a great lady she is so friendly and Kind! She lives here in Toronto she told me today just like Prince has said there is no where else in the world like Toronto the mix of people all getting along is just amazing! We truly are a multicultural country and city, everyone is welcome we are all here, so if your reading this from some far off place and want a better life for your self come here to Canada I'll welcome you myself at the airport! I have a link in my links take a look it has all the info for people wanting to know more about Canada!

Simone Denny

Simone Denny is a dynamic, soulful diva who is distinct in her desire to embrace all genres of music, with no limits, transcending all boundaries. "I want to make people feel limitless, beautiful and empowered," she says. Her deep-rooted love of music is driving her toward more musical accolades, as her incredible voice, stage presence, shining personality and total understanding of the verb "to sang" clearly demonstrate.

Simone is the lead vocalist on the Widelife tracks "I Don't Want You" and the opening song "All Things" from the hit NBC/Bravo Television Show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." Simone is the former lead vocalist of the platinum-selling dance music group Love Inc. "Your A Superstar" Ms. Denny's vocal prowess has earned her 10 #1 hit songs worldwide, 4 Canadian Juno Awards and 4 Much Music Awards, including "Best Dance Recording" and "Video of the Year"

The partiers at this year's event are sure to light up when she takes the stage in what will be a high energy choreographed production spectacular. We are proud of our fellow Canadian and honoured to have Simone as one of our featured performers.


Saturday, May 15, 2004

I so SO forgot to mention some of the best kick ass totally cool news I've had in years, get this I went to the Doctor Thursday afternoon, keep in mind I started the HIV meds about a month and a half ago...Well I've never been one to dwell on the viral load numbers, well it was 480 000+ and after only a month it dropped to just over a 1000 which by what I here is an amazing drop the t4 cells went to 200 from 160, I'm so happy about this and very pleased with the meds I only hope this is a sign of things to come, I'm very lucky to have always had a strong immune system my whole life and never really been sick from anything that was serious! My body is getting stronger and I'm looking good I'm on track to getting where I want to be, people are starting to tell me I'm looking good! Yes I am and it shows this is good! I have to get to sleep, One thing I should ad is that It is so very important to take your meds on time and not party on them I think because I've been trying to behave its also made a big difference in the meds working well, and no side effects that I can see...

of to sleep for sure this time!

HI there I so just saw myself in this movie A Soldiers girl....I was an extra in it here in Toronto! I'm in the begining first drag show standing with a guy when they walk into the club with bleached out blond hair the guy I'm talking to has a shirt on that is open...So cool first time I've seen myself in a movie! Other than Queer as Folk, but every gay boy here in Toronto has been it that show! I'm downloading it On winmx its driving me crazy waiting to see it I'm slowly getting the file in! The movie was filmed at a club here in Toronto called IT....Gone now the building was torn down for a condo development or something...I look good I can't believe I saw myself....Fun Fun!!!!! You can't miss me I'm wearing a black shiny shirt and well you see me from the back and a bit of a side profile....I know I'm in a few more parts If you have seen it I'm in a part when there coming in the bar I should have red hair all spiked....
Oh boy winmx hurry up I want to see this, well me and a few of my friends that where extras,,,,I should really start back in that It was fun and easy money!

I'm proud to also mention that I'm now promoting an other party here in Toronto The Queer as Folk Future Babylon tourThis is the second year, I'm also very happy since I started the Red Party and Fashion Cares I've met so many people in the Business and have had many future opportunities given, I'm fast on the road to being a full fledged promoter of sorts or who knows a Producer of a event...I'm so excited and to be able to be clean and clear headed makes it more exciting!
Ya Hoo for me!
I'm also so very happy that I've met the guy behind the Red Party he is a great guy and I look forward to getting to know him and work with him in the future!

Oh boy Me so Tired...
Night Night boys and Girls


Thursday, May 13, 2004

Its been so warm here in Toronto I love it finally after such a long winter! Its getting hot in my room now big time, no Window in my room at least one that opens! It crunch time now! Two weeks to the events and I'm going to be busy! On a sad note I think I lost the job with that new bar that opened here! They canceled there after hours for the time being! I hope they figure out things! The crowds just didn't happen! When a space has a reputation it seems no matter what you do to improve it or remodel if gay boys don't want to go there is not much you can do!

Oh its hot in here I tell ya! Hmmmm how long will I have to wait before the ac gets tuned on, next place I live is going to have to have windows that I can open that will be a must!


Good Morning


Saturday, May 08, 2004

HI all craziness! All around a slice for everyone please take some of my back would you please honestly please!

I've been so busy and I like it!

Thank you to everyone for there kind words of support!

My site meter is down I'm thinking of trying a new one Does anyone know of a good one I had been using SiteMeter but I've not really been happy with it, I have seen other ones that gave a more detailed record of you hits, any suggestions are more than welcome...

I'm out for another busy night...

Bye for now!


Friday, May 07, 2004

I'm proud to help with the promotions for this years Red Party As well as Fashion Caresall volunteer for sure I was asked how much I charged for the red party and I told them nothing I'm free for this kind of party it important to me to help in my own way I feel I'm making a difference!

I'm so proud to be involved with these two events I couldn't be more happy, as well I've been promoting a new bar here in Toronto and have two guys now working for me Flyering, I have a few new job prospects to promote businesses here in Torontos gaybourhood....What started with handing out a few flyers and putting up some posters has turned into a business of sorts, Its been a long time Dream of mine to be a Club promoter or something like that and its happening slowly I think I may have my own nights at some club here in to or put on my own party Its going to take time but I"m doing the work hard and its paying off, I'm revved up and clean, I know that will be mt ticket to not be the party boy I made that mistake before I am now making money of the party and not turning my life into the party...Its all good, I don't have time to even do my laundry lately craziness, the health is ok could be worse, I'm responding well to the HIV meds still and the old pancreas is still pissing me of but under pain control so I can manage with my life!

Cheers all I'm so pooped of to bed

Night night....

IF your in To buy tickets to the parties its for HIV/Aids what cause is closer to our hearts than helping each other!


Saturday, May 01, 2004

Hey Oh man I've been Busy Busy I tell ya out the door and home to sleep How do people do this on a daily basis I tell I'm getting tired But Its worth it I'm so very happy now I am getting things done making money Promotions posters flyers call me A Club Promoter now...Ya hoooo

Lets see where it goes do I dare get my own business license Hmmm

A business man me who would have figured...

Wish me luck!

More all about this when I am able to spend more than a few mins on here

Love and kisses all around!

night night


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