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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Wow Things are just a Burning up around here So many new people coming around to see what's new, thanks to a few who have so kindly honored me by putting my blog link on there's I'd like to welcome Sissy SpaceChik to my Blog the link to his blog is in my links, a true master and pioneer in the art of blogging if I do say so my self!!

So I was out for a few drinks On Sunday night knowing that I shouldn't every step of the way, feeling guilty for going out makes it impossible to have a good time and meet someone ha how can you do that if your starting out the wrong way by not even wanting to be where you are...The good thing about that misadventure is that once again I realized I'm not missing anything by staying home and that I need to remember that I don't need to have a bottle of beer in my hand to have a good time, because I sure didn't have a good time that night, I ended up at home alone as per usual...After a friend came up to me and said whats wrong with ya! I can't handle the party favs anymore that's for sure....When you end up paranoid and freaked out and wanting to run out of a bar, Hmmm you think you would learn your lesson!

So lesson learned ouch!! again! I move on none worse for the ware I hope!
I think today I'm going to go for a new look, hair cut, style, color, streaks! Hmmm The thing is I could do it my self the color part that's is, but the last time I did it it didn't work out, is this something you get better at the more you do it, or should I break down and pay a hair style guy way more than I'd like to do it...Hmmmm I went to a local hair supply store here in Toronto on Young street and got all the stuff 30$ later Well lets see what we have got, the funny plastic cap with holes all over to pull my hair through! The strange looking hook to pull the hair through the plastic hood thing, the enzyme developer for the color cream that I mix up to put on after, I use the powder stuff called activator that I mix with speed bleach liquid...Ok Now that's complicated, all that for a few blond highlights!!! And then the cut after I'm thinking I should just go out and spend the $$$ there is a place here on Church St. That everyone is going to called SalOne or something like that...
I'm outa here to try and figure out what to do with da hair!

I wanted to thank all the growers of Oranges way down south in the FaB USA for making it possible for me to have my fav FAB drink, I just love my Orange Juice that I do!!!!


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