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Sunday, April 18, 2004

So I'm looking for guys to help hand out flyers, I've found several guys, the thing is that there are certain looks they have to have to get the guys interested, Young 20's or so and cute sexy...I know its harsh but reality I'm not going to get guys coming out of the clubs to look at my flyers go to the club/after hours with a older gray haired guy out there giving them the flyer! It bothers me that I can't give someone like that the job but I know from years doing this business that guys are thinking sex sex sex and there dicks are leading them around during there night out of drinking and debauchery! Point is how do I let people know that this job needs a certain look with out offending because I don't want to!
I had to turn away a guy who showed up that was older than my father, He would have not been good for my business and I had to say sorry, but I did say young and cute I'm not sure how to make it more clear!
My add in a local BB said among other things should be young and cute!
This guy had big frizzy messed up gray hair looked like a grand father type how is he going to get young 20 something's to go to after hours club I did find two very hot Latino boys from Columbia, they where getting every guy to stop and look at them and in return they sent them on there way with a smile and a flyer and hopefully on there way to the after hours club!
Sex sell simple as that, but why do I feel so bad for sending the guy away and being angry at him for wasting my time I'm sure he was aware that I would not be interested in him, or was he just some desperate guy wanting to meet others by deceiving them you know the type who show up from an online chat date for sex and they turn up and are nothing like they said they where older and fatter that kida stuff...Still I feel bad and I'm glad I do because it tells me that I have a conscious and am kind at heart but can be hard and business man like when needed to protect my interests...The cold harsh reality of the world can be brutal and scary for sure!
Hmm did a spell check with the blogger check and then an other program the blogger one missed several words its not a good one I'm thinking!!

Later boys and girls
Please know that I know there are many if fact most hockey fans are cool good people I'm talking about the few who just happen to be hockey fans I'm one in fact I grew up going to hockey and playing every day when I was a kid!
oh ya to all the Hockey fans out last night here in Toronto shame on you for being so nasty gay bashing Its been a long time since I've heard so many faggot ect. calls from cars going by on the street and most where sporting the Maple leafs flag a pity for sure that hockey attracts such men with little brains!!! One thing I think they should do is put the Hockey stadium in the Suburbs so the nasty ugly disgustingg small minded stunted greasy ect guys can just stay where they belong, in return we worldly beautiful modern educated intellectual city urban men and women can enjoy our city and they can stay in the BURBS where they belong chugging there beer! I feel so sorry for the women that are trapped with this kind of man, you know the beer chugging farting burping ass crack showing type Ahhh a nightmare run run far away I'll help you just get rid of nasty people surround your self with good kind caring folk!!!!
I'm sorry but it bothers me so very very much this time of year when are community is invaded by gay bashing jerks from the hockey games after there over all drunk going up and down the street yelling so cowardly out the window fag among other things!Shame shame on them for giving hockey a bad name!

I know there are several other cities in north america who know what I mean this time of year!...
My rant of the day!

Later again...


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