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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Rude Nasty people! How do some end up being nasty and mean, On the phone today talking about some business and this guy on the other end was rude nasty condescending and just plain ignorant, wouldn't try to understand what I was trying to say, kept interrupting me, didn't understand what I was trying to do so started telling me I didn't know what I was doing, I wanted to make sure everything was done that needed to be done, just double checking to be safe! Some people seem to think that they can just hang up on you and be rude and you won't react, I don't need the money that bad if it happens again I won't be back...Sorry I work hard and deserve respect.....
My rant for the day
But seriously how dare someone hang up on me when they should be talking to me and trying to make sure what I'm asking is done,its there future on the line there jobs depend on people like me to bring customers in! Give me a good product and I'll get the people there! There is nothing I can do if people just don't want to go because of pre conceived ideas or old reputations!Did this guy have the owners best interests in mind being rude to me I wouldn't think so! I wouldn't want some one working for me that treated people like that, here's hoping that it was a one time behavior! I hope he understands that reputations always precede ones self in the gay community and once your labeled a rude nasty person its with you for ever! I know seen it so many times and been labeled way to many times for my problems...Its not fare I know but really every one deserves a second chance!
Sorry I just had to get it out I get very mad when I'm unfairly treated by some one because I know that most who are rude know how it feels to be treated that way and choose to do it to others any way! Not caring how it may effect there day, or could it be that some are clueless and have no idea how they affect others!
other than that I'm doing good feeling ok Pancreas is still hurting on the pain meds going for a ct scan on 22nd and then I find out when the operation is, in hospital for a week and then recover at home...more about this later
The HIV meds are working i think? I don't seem to have any side effects so far, so far being the point! I got this big ass pill box day timer thing you put your pills in am pm kinda thing because I would wake up and take them and then fall asleep and forget if I took them...far to stressfull so the big ass pill box is full and working I am happy about that!

a deep breath

Later of to do my thing
wisdom tooth is hurting bad bottom right just coming through the gum at 30 is this normal to be so late in life ouch painful I tell yah!

Below is a post I coppied from
thinking & drinking blog
I like what he said about me but I'm not sure 100% what he means!

Found another ...
poz blog and got pretty deep into it yesterday. Shouldn't I manage a little time for work? Nahhhh ...

I found a line of thought from about 8 months ago to sound very similar to me.

As I've said I have HIV and it's very hard to think about..But I really want to tell others how this happened and express my feelings about it.. I don't know who gave it to me..that may sound strange...the one thing I do know that I was in a haze of drugs and boose (alcohal) If I was sober would I have gotten it? Thats a really good question. I think so..Safe sex was not always first on my mind..Its funny becase I remember sex ed class and being told all about safe sex..Not about gay safe sex.."

Anyways, he's a party boy but a reflective, introspective one. Well, a stream-of-conscience introspective one. It's odd, but worth a read. It's Gay Canadian X Party Boy. Check him out.


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