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Monday, April 19, 2004

Ouch owee my wisdom tooth is coming in full speed and it hurts there was a little hole in the gum now its a centimeter at least ouch Now I know how babies feel when teething because that's what I'm doing I'm a thirty year old teething man Now is that crazy or what, why now what triggers this to start and why is the bottom left one in and I think done and the two top ones I can feel them under the gums and they are getting bigger but very slow! I was at the dentist a year ago and he said I should have them out, I asked why he said you should just get them out to avoid and problems, I asked him was there any reason other than avoiding pain and any
POSSIBLE PROBLEMs...He said to me you should but its not necessary...Hmmmm I'm not going to have them rip teeth out of me that are normal to have and just to avoid a little pain I don't think so.....There is no way I'm getting my gums cut open and hmm nasty just
a big no!unless something goes wrong...Of to the Doc to find out my first HIV test results since starting the meds...oh ya and getting something for this pain big time!


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