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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

One thing to add today seen as I'm talking about what if I did this or that....

So I stop buy this local watering hole during the day a few days ago! and I do mean hole, well I should say its not a hole anymore, new owners and new look it was called Traks V as in 5, the new name is CUbe or something, anyway to the point I see this guy that I take home when I happen to run into him, You know the type, Just an ok, but you know whats going to happen because you've been there and done that and he wasn't bad....So he tells me he got a call from are Mutual agent, the acting kind....I do do acting/extra work! Might I add I introduced him to the Agent guy! He tells me I was called for a wardrobe fitting to be in this film, I'm like no way! You C'mon I'm not modest or anything I guess he's not that bad looking or I wouldn't take him home, that's a joke...Anyway I'm thinking why haven't I been called from the Agency....Hmmm And I did a bunch of free stuff for them student films Charity commercials that kinda stuff....I call the agent guy it turns out he had my old #, Hmmm My old number what about my cell # that has been the same for years now, I'm scratching my head at this point! Good news and thanks to running into the trick! My agent tells me I would have had so much work if he had my new number and tells me he will be in contact soon....I'm super happy about that even though I don't have Madonna tickets....Hey all In the Good old USA I was in a film called Soldier Girls Have you seen it....If you did or are look for a cute boy with red spiked hair I mean red, or it could have been bleached out at the time one day they put red color in it at the hair and make up table!!!
Let me know cause I've not seen it yet The part I was in was during a drag show sitting at a table near the stage in some club, the real club was a place here in TO called IT now gone! I was in an other part when the lead characters where on there way into the club, I know they didn't do many takes so there is a good chance I'm in it...Yah I know it's just extra work but I love it it's fun and you get paid to do it....I did see my self in Queer as Folk in a club scene for a second and you have to look real hard...I can't remember what episode it was If any one wants to know I'll dig out my files and look! I could have been in Q&f a few more times well lots more times but I was not well because of the Pancreas problems, see what happens when you don't take care of your self, I did have an opportunity to do a nude scene solo masturbation at some sex party shoot but I turned it down because they would be showing my face too!!!! I had talked to other guys who did nude parts and regretted the exposure in the community it was looked down upon so I turned it down, On second though I wish I did do it....So I hope to be telling you all about my extra/acting work in the future, health permitting....

Anyway I do go on...Some good news!!!!!


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