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Friday, April 23, 2004

Oh boy long day in bed today I seem to have a few good days and then not, Not sure are usual why! Dam wisdom tooth be gone it still is hurting big time I think I will have to go to a dentist after all I just don't like them much!

Good new I was at the Doc and the t4 cells went from 160 to 200!!!! So the meds are working I'm happy about that in more ways than one!

I also was at the other doc at the hospital for my pancreas and got to see the ct scan results on a computer it was freaking crazy seeing the inside of your body like you had been cut in half and then going up and down thru your insides I got to see every organ and my stomach full of that awful barium drink that you get before the scan MMMM that was tasty stuff anyway I got to see the cyst on the pancreas it was big it seemed to take up allot of room and looked very out of place! 5 cm bigger than the last test 4.5 cm, I talked to the surgeon and told him I would like to wait a month or so till we schedule the operation he was fine with that! SO I will call in a month and be in Hospital in July..I have lots on the go now and would rather wait and to tell the truth I'm scared as hell to have them cut me open and poke and push and pull at my insides!...Fear is strong I tell Ya!

I'm of to do some more of my endless volunteer work Fashion Cares is calling poster poster everywhere posters.....
Don't forget boys and girls here in Toronto to support ACT and buy your tickets for the show! and after party! Hey and if you have the bucks why not make a trip To Toronto and catch a great show and party! Stay for the weekend!



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