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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Me so tired gay boy busy work work like a big boy kinda adultish stuff!!!!
Ahhhhhh big yawning yawns So tired out all day putting up posters getting bigger arms and chest muscles(is it muscels or the way I spelt it I'm confused again?) hmmm me just getting big period with all de testosterone my sexy doc jabs in me but every few weeks.....ohhh yawn again...
I'm so of to sleep and its so nice to be tired for a reason again!
Some people actually talk like this oh boy I outz!!!

Night Night I will be up to date soon
A super big big muscles around ya hug from me to ya all for the comments and emails... I will be getting to the emails soon so don't please think I'm not reading them I just want to make sure I take the time deserved to send a proper response to anyone emailing me
hahaaammmm sleeping Now Wow I can open my mouth rather big, now why can't I control my gag reflex it would just be to easy then wouldn't it Yaaa practice makes perfect, now if I could only get some practice....A little lol but I'm serious!

Night Night again


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