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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Maddonna Madonna Madonna blues

I'm going to cry all day long I swear!!!!
I was so busy doing whatever I don't remember! But boy am I pisseed of that I didn't get tickets because for some reason as per usual I forget I swear I have to put notes all over to remind me of what I need to do....The point I forgot How could I forget about Madonna and I had the money at the time and to find out that she has three shows here three the most at one stop I know about....Ahhhhhhh I'm thinking I might just go and get one from some scalper guy who probably hates her and is going to charge me way to much...
And I'm not turning in my gay card so there!
AM I the only gay boy in Toronto that is not going to this I"m thinking so I'm sooooo sad ahhhhh
Any one please from Toronto who has an extra ticket I will pay
Please please I need a ticket.....oh boy Yes please I will do anything for a ticket, Its Madonna C'mon I have loved her for ever and ever!!!!!


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