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Friday, April 02, 2004

Hey hey hey
Wow I'm so excited about my Blog, I have reached out to other guys who have blogs and said Hi or commented about there posts and have been very well received! I've made several new friends! Maybe a couple more than friends lol...Who knew I could possibly find the man of my dreams through my blog, It would make sense though when you open up your life, its like getting a book about someone before you meet them, in a way that could be scary to!, Does anyone know of guys who have hooked up through there blog and it worked out? Hmmm

I wasn't sure how I would come across on here, what some one on the other side would interpret my posts to mean, or am I just to negative, lots of what I'm going through is good to so I'm trying to be upbeat as well...I'm falling all over again for the art of blogging, since I've started being here more often I've noticed I'm feeling more put together in the mental department....When I tell friends about blogs and how they can be amazing, I mostly get a look of confusion, they just don't get it I guess! I think some guys just don't want to here what I have to say, sort of the denial thing...If I don't see it or know about it's not there!(HIV) I do know that hearing about what I'm going through and what I will be is hard to take some times, I know because lots of the time I can't handle it my self very well....That being said I want to thank every one who has been sending out the love to me, Your guys support mean lots to me and I look forward to getting to know everyone much much more, a special note of thanks to the guy from Mrhappysad Blog your a super guy, and I would like to thank Geekslut I've learned so much from him reading his blog, it means so much to me to be able to share my life with ya guys!
A big group hug is in order here "Hugs"

What I've been up to the last few days, well not much I'm on week two now of the HIV meds and I'm very leary to venture to far out, I did go out last night for a few hours the first time in weeks, a mistake! I had a few drinks and felt sick and came home. I've been finding that the more I stay away from the clubs the more I just don't like them when I try to go back....The smoke the drugs the drinking its all just to much.....I know I'm not missing much, to be honest the only thing I'm missing now is the companionship of the guys when I go out.....Well I don't know it seems that I always meet the wrong kind of guy anyway so Hmmm I don't know how I feel now, except confused????

Yesterday was the two week mark for the HIV meds, now I have to take all three twice a day, the viramune/nevirapine was one a day till two weeks then two a day....I hope I still don't see any side effect after upping the dose, we'll
see I guess.....

I was talking to geekslut about crystal after reading his blog posts about it, It scares the hell out of me what he is saying, I for one know first hand about that stuff! Its pure poison nothing but a body and mind destroyer....Now I'm not against drugs per say but I do think this one has to be dealt with, it will destroy your life in every way! I was an addict for a year or so up till 99....I'm working on a post to put up here about what happened to me, lets just say that at the end of my crystal abuse I was 98 pound, homeless, broke, lost, sold everything,ect ect. There is no good that can be taken out from the use of that stuff....Stay away far away, cause you won't know your addicted because it happens after the first bump your hooked and if you have an addictive personality your in big trouble.....trust me please....its poison!!!!

One more thing, I think I am a spam victim in my comments thingy?
from march 31....the link goes to a sextoy site...look for your self the comment was friendly and seemed genuine till I followed the link and then that
sex toy page popped up?

I'm outz for now early night tonight!

Night Night


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