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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Hey Hey Hey I'm a Happy boy tonight!
I was at this club here to talk to a friend of mine about getting a job at this bar doing promotions, Well I didn't even have an interview and was out on Church doing my thing...What a good night Ohh it was cold, I survived and am very happy, Oh ya and I got my money from that debt I was talking about, I had done some promo work for a local Drag Queen,she was giving me the run around but she paid up finally! There is a lot of cash to be made at Gay bars and I'm super into doing it out doors putting up posters handing out flyers ext.
Out doors not in a hot smelly smoky bar that's the way to make the money I'm thinking and go home after I'm done thus avoiding the drinks and other things....

Plus a good work out on the arms to!
I'm very pleased and hope I can keep this one going for a while, I'm tired of to Bed, dare I say again a happy boy! Sure why not....

Night Night


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