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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Hey all what a walk down memory lane I was in last night I can say with out a doubt that I have had one crazy adventure with my life!
I found a link to the park I was talking about in Kamloops the city I found my first gay cruising stop inRiverside park click on the picture,you can move it around till you see the park in the distance you can see the river The Thompson river looking in the picture if you imagine walking about 10 minutes in the direction the picture is you will find the gay part I'm sure there are still many guys going and that its getting really busy around now, winter is very slow and the boys in Kamloops are for sure eager to get busy in the park...

I'm thinking about entering a wet underwear contest tonight, a drag queen and friend that I'm doing promotions for in Hosting the night at a club on Church called Play....Hmmmm I am going to go and look and see its worth 100 buck and I could use the cash....I don't know I will let ya all know if I go or not I'm going to get in the shower now and get ready and then decide, Its funny sometimes I will get ready to go out and then change my mind, All dressed up and no where to go is what usually happens!



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