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Saturday, March 27, 2004

So I'm feeling ok the last few days......
I'm really thinking the HIV meds are helping! It would make sense that if the virus levels are getting lower that I would be feeling better as the virus levels dropped, could it happen so fast (two weeks)? I don't know I'm of to the Doc on Monday so I will find out then! More on that later...

The pills I'm on are not that hard to take I can have them with food or any kind of drink so there easy that way, I'm happy about this because some pills are complicated to take and can only be took one way or an other that makes them all more to likely to miss or not take them, and that isn't an option for me!....three at noon and then two at midnight after two weeks from the start I take all three two times a day...

If there is anyone on here who thinks HIV is no big deal and don't care about using a condom!!!! Well if you want to have this to look forward to go ahead do it, I can tell you I'm not happy to have this to deal with every day for the rest of my life, that being the catch I have to or there will not be a rest of my life!!!
Make much sense, I know it was the last thing on my mind that fateful night I was drunk and more than likely high as hell on one or more drugs....A small part of me I'm sure thought you should be careful like always back then, I did know better Yes I did that's the real hard part to take!....But the proverbial but of coarse But----?....but a small part of me was lost and forgot very very fast in the heat of the moment....perhaps just perhaps if I had known more about what would be in store for me if I didn't listen to that voice in the back of my mind the one saying where is the condom where where where is the condom!!!!!!!!!!! I know you can never look back and say for sure but I really think about this that if I really had known what I was getting into would I have been more careful?
Would I have stopped and listened, it s a big maybe but I can say that back then I didn't know anyone with HIV, I mean I must have know others but they didn't tell me or didn't know.....

So here are the drugs I'm on for now. Many more to come in the future this is just the start........This is my life from now on, My reality for ever! ----->>>>

The first one is called 3TC / Lamivudine 150mg twice daily price 296.92 can$ a month

The second one is called Ziagen/ abacavir Sulfate 300mg twice daily 419.04 can$ a month

The third one is called Viramune / Nevirapine 200mg one daily for two weeks then one twice daily 313.44 can$ a month

All together that's 180 pills a month at a cost of 1029.42can$ That about 780us$ dollars a month...That's 5.71can$ per pill That 34.26can$ a day!!!!!

Wow Now that really puts it in perspective doesn't it!!!

That is double the amount I spend on food a day on average!! Get that, go figure???

So if you are one who thinks barebacking is what you want to do than this is what you have to look forward to, and trust me that more guys than not are going to tell you they are HIV- and have unprotected sex and they are really HIV+ !!!!!!
Yes this is seriously the truth and it's sad but the way it is so be careful I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I am!!! Its not fun! Not what I wanted my life to end up being......

You could say I'm being a bit harsh but I'm telling the truth the way it is My reality with HIV....

On a positive note I am so very fortunate that I live in a amazing country Canada that has a public health care system and would never let me suffer and go with out the medication I need to live, that being said I have my meds paid for by health care and for that I know I am very fortunate indeed!!!!!

Some times I really do think that naming my Blog what I did was a very good name!!!
After all most of what I'm going through now is a direct or indirect cause of my alcohol and drug abuse, So if you think you might have a problem look for some one to talk to, you don't have to run out to a rehab hospital or the like right away, the first step is to talk to someone you trust and ask them to just listen.....Trust me when you get tired of it all and it becomes something you are aware is a possible problem you are on the right track........Have faith in your self and know that you are stronger than the drugs and alcohol, I know its hard trust me I know.....Its a fight that can be won

Email me if there is something you want to talk about any thing, I'm out there and willing to listen!!!
My email link is to the right------------>>>

I have to call it a day so much thinking about HIV can be very draining and its something on my mind all to often these days...
More about the side affects from these drugs and my pancreas operation that I'm soon going in hospital to have.....

Night Night....Peeps!!!!!


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