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Tuesday, March 23, 2004


My email was wrong!

The email link is now correct ------------->
To your right is how to reach me with one click how easy is that!

Night Night all its 12:30am and I was just up to take my pills, I'm having to get used to this every 12 hours three pills to live, sounds dramatic I know but if I screw this up its big trouble....The first two weeks are even more important to make sure you take them on time and don't mis any doses! If I do the HIV could mutate and the drugs would be worth less to me..Seen as I'm fighting to live with my pancreas as well I'm so more limited to the drugs because some I could take are very bad for the pancreas in fact some of them cause pancreatitis....Ouch My worst nightmare of many that I get this far in my battles in life and the pills I take to live kill me if I take them and I Die if I don't.....

SO remember take your meds on time and don't miss pill time...SO VERY important!!!!
I set my alarm to wake me in case I fall asleep and to remind me......The thing that really drives this al home is that the pills are a constant reminder that I have this HIV in my body...Before I could just forget now its on my mind all day I'm going mad and getting very upset and today I started to get angry I hope this passes I really do...

Night again I'm off to sleep and watch TV escape into fantasy land!!!!!!!!!

GayCanadainX,X,XPartyBoy<----------Hmmm na I don't think that works!! Do You?


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