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Saturday, November 22, 2003

I'm still here!

I have not been feeling well the last few weeks!

A combination of all the traveling and lack of rest after drinking and partying really took a punch to my body, I could go out to the bars here in Toronto but with a day to rest after it was fine, traveling there was no time to rest and, well with HIV it can be very hard to recover from drinking a hang over lasts a day or two, So needles to say I once again need to try and control my self more! I've been doing good the last week or so only out one night, partly because I'm poor as of late, I went to one of my surgeons for my pancreas, more tests ordered and an operation looks more likely sooner than later, some thing I'm ready for believe me I'm tired of the pain, and the drugs for pain....

What a crazy night last night in my building, the basement apartment caught on fire, I had to spend hours outside in the cold with only my flip flops on my feet, what did I take with me when faced with panic that I might never see any of my things again, Meds, make up and smokes, can you believe it, I was nervious big time and freaked out, thanks to the hero's the Firemen, very happy to say it was put out, and didn't spread outside of the apartment....
I got to meet some of my cute neighbor's (my apt. four floor walk up with only four apartments) that was a good thing that came out of all this, I hope the guys that started the fire get evicted, they didn't pay there power bill and had been using candles to heat there apartment and to light it, Crazy there from the middle east and seem to not know the laws and rules here in Canada, I'm sorry but ignorance is no excuse for stupidity....IF you don't know find out learn do something to improve your self and situation...
Of to work I'll be back here soon and more often, I'm feeling good and I think I'm out of the depression I felt after LA...
Cheers all
Take care of yourself and don't forget that your #1 and to take really good care of yourself!

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