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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Well I'm on my way to LA West Holly Wood before my pics from New York are even developed, Wow I won the trip from Famous Players!

I leave on Sunday to see the World premiere of the Matrix 3 on Monday the 27 back on the tuesday, wow I can't believe this!

I have so much planning to do...More on this soon!

I'm such a jet boy the last few weeks, to think I have not left Toronto in 3 years and in less than a month I'm in New York City and now In Los Angeles to see a film and back the next day, the trip is only three days but hey its free the plane tickets cost more than 3400.00 for two

Yaaaa more about this and my crazy travels soon

its way Night night for me its 6:15 am and I need to sleep for a few and adjust my schedule from a night to a day, that's not so easy seen as I worked all night at the bar, a gay club here in TO, I'm not sure if I will go into my work seen as what happened when I put to much about the B&B(last job I left) that got back to my boss and I almost got fired...



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