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Monday, October 13, 2003

Its like a dream come true!
Really it is Im getting ready to go to NYC in less than four hours!

Its 1 am and I'm just getting ready hey who says that leaving everything to the last minute is wrong...

It would of course been much easier to have everything ready but I've always been the type to put things off!

I was hopeing to get some input on places to see but no one sent me info...
I'm sure I can figure out things for myself, I'm so so so so so so excited I've been going crazy thinking about the big apple! A place that I've seen on TV all my life!
I hope to meet some men there as well, some is the word I think hey why not several, I'm on vacation afterall !

So I can update from my hotel so I will try to...
I have to get this damn packing done
What to bring, everything Not but close

Night night all

NYC here I come....Is that tacky or what?


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