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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Money Money makes the world go round, and when you have none what a slow trip it is not to mention depressing, I was on a big hi after my trip but the reality of my financial problems quickly put a stop to the good feelings, ON top of it I have a very good friend from Vancouver on his way to visit and I'm mostly out of funds, Yuk I'm so immature why can't I be more responsible with my money....

Anyway New York City trip details will have to wait till I find a happy point in the next few days!

All is not lost for real it could be that My bestest Friend will Cheer me up I do Love him So and no mater what he always puts a smile on my face! He is so important to me In fact I consider him My family the only one that remains true to me no mater what, I do miss him So, He should be somewhere over Manitoba about now on his way To Pearson airport, Ya I'm so excited to see him!

I just hope he is not disappointed that I'm poor the next few days and will not be able to do much, I'm just happy to see him Its been a year and last time he was here I was in the Hospital!


And I will take my own advice and remember to take really good care of myself mind and body, well try at least, and oh ya don't forget about good friends who love you and remember your Birthday, that's special and I know it!

it's not a night Night So Hmmmm just take care till next time I guess


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