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Saturday, October 18, 2003

aHHH I'm home!

What a trip it was crazy! In fact I'm so tired that I need to keep this short So lets just say I got an amazing taste of NYC and want way much more, I know now that I need to travel alone or with some one that I know before hand wants to see and do that same things as I do or just not be scared and go by my self!

I have to work tonight so I will post as much details as I can remember in a few days when I'm of...

G'day all and take really good care of yourselves because you deserve it!

Bye Bye

email me at


and I have pics to be put up here as soon as I get them from the photo shop
So look for them soon !
Yah I cant wait to let every one see what I look like, yep sure! I hope I don't scare any one away, Na not be scary! Not at all, wait and see?


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