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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Well I'm on my way to LA West Holly Wood before my pics from New York are even developed, Wow I won the trip from Famous Players!

I leave on Sunday to see the World premiere of the Matrix 3 on Monday the 27 back on the tuesday, wow I can't believe this!

I have so much planning to do...More on this soon!

I'm such a jet boy the last few weeks, to think I have not left Toronto in 3 years and in less than a month I'm in New York City and now In Los Angeles to see a film and back the next day, the trip is only three days but hey its free the plane tickets cost more than 3400.00 for two

Yaaaa more about this and my crazy travels soon

its way Night night for me its 6:15 am and I need to sleep for a few and adjust my schedule from a night to a day, that's not so easy seen as I worked all night at the bar, a gay club here in TO, I'm not sure if I will go into my work seen as what happened when I put to much about the B&B(last job I left) that got back to my boss and I almost got fired...



Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Money Money makes the world go round, and when you have none what a slow trip it is not to mention depressing, I was on a big hi after my trip but the reality of my financial problems quickly put a stop to the good feelings, ON top of it I have a very good friend from Vancouver on his way to visit and I'm mostly out of funds, Yuk I'm so immature why can't I be more responsible with my money....

Anyway New York City trip details will have to wait till I find a happy point in the next few days!

All is not lost for real it could be that My bestest Friend will Cheer me up I do Love him So and no mater what he always puts a smile on my face! He is so important to me In fact I consider him My family the only one that remains true to me no mater what, I do miss him So, He should be somewhere over Manitoba about now on his way To Pearson airport, Ya I'm so excited to see him!

I just hope he is not disappointed that I'm poor the next few days and will not be able to do much, I'm just happy to see him Its been a year and last time he was here I was in the Hospital!


And I will take my own advice and remember to take really good care of myself mind and body, well try at least, and oh ya don't forget about good friends who love you and remember your Birthday, that's special and I know it!

it's not a night Night So Hmmmm just take care till next time I guess


Saturday, October 18, 2003

aHHH I'm home!

What a trip it was crazy! In fact I'm so tired that I need to keep this short So lets just say I got an amazing taste of NYC and want way much more, I know now that I need to travel alone or with some one that I know before hand wants to see and do that same things as I do or just not be scared and go by my self!

I have to work tonight so I will post as much details as I can remember in a few days when I'm of...

G'day all and take really good care of yourselves because you deserve it!

Bye Bye

email me at


and I have pics to be put up here as soon as I get them from the photo shop
So look for them soon !
Yah I cant wait to let every one see what I look like, yep sure! I hope I don't scare any one away, Na not be scary! Not at all, wait and see?


Monday, October 13, 2003

New York City

My trip is beginning now!

Its 6am EST and Im off I'm not sure what way I'm going, My friend is doing all the driving
So I thought I would try and update here as I'm in NYC, What do you all think?

email me if that sounds like some thing of interest!


good morning
that sounds strange I'm mostly of to bed after I blog

Later all

Its like a dream come true!
Really it is Im getting ready to go to NYC in less than four hours!

Its 1 am and I'm just getting ready hey who says that leaving everything to the last minute is wrong...

It would of course been much easier to have everything ready but I've always been the type to put things off!

I was hopeing to get some input on places to see but no one sent me info...
I'm sure I can figure out things for myself, I'm so so so so so so excited I've been going crazy thinking about the big apple! A place that I've seen on TV all my life!
I hope to meet some men there as well, some is the word I think hey why not several, I'm on vacation afterall !

So I can update from my hotel so I will try to...
I have to get this damn packing done
What to bring, everything Not but close

Night night all

NYC here I come....Is that tacky or what?


Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I'm so excited for once in a long time, I'm going to New York City fore sure!
I got my Birth Certificate by calling Victoria British Columbia, the capital city of the province, so I gave them all my info and 70$ I should get a card in a day or so by express courier...I love the modern way things are done I remember years ago it took me two months for the same thing....Now I'm trying to figure out what to do when I'm there, I will have a limited budget because of the short notice I got to go...
My friends said that I don't have to worry but I want to pay my way its the proper thing to do!

I had a day today to forget, seen as I was to hung over I missed work this morning and also a doctors apointment, Man I'm pissed at my self....
I didn't loose my job I might have a problem with the doctor seen as an other doctor I see has refused me because I missed to many appointments, I'm so bad with meetings and appointments....
I think I might go in to the doctors and ask to be fit in, I'll beg if I have to, I really need to get my pancreas looked at and have the spot where I had a drain tube for three months fixed, I have a hernia because of it and I hate it popping out it ruins my flat stomach and looks bad with a tight shirt on....I know I know looks aren't everything, I'm also concerned about my health....
I'm so tired and I did nothing all day, ah well
bed time....
Oh ya I think I may have a guy a possible boyfriend dare I say, I met him at a local bath, he actually called me back, a older guy who works in a office and plays golf on the weekends...Wow so different than I'm used to...I have to be careful because I so want to have a real together guy, no party party types...more about him to come I hope!

Night Night

5 more days till NYC!!!!


Monday, October 06, 2003

Well I'm ok I think,
I'm really good actually, I had been talking to a friend of mine the other day at work about going on a trip, its been so SO SO long since I've been any where other than Montreal in the middle of Winter a few years ago, don't get me wrong going to Montreal was the best to see a place I had learned about all my life and growing up out west it always seemed so far a way a dream it self, well there has been this other place that I had only thought would be a dream to see, New York City, yes I'm going on the Oct 13 a week away from now...

Its so funny I had been asking a coworker about going there in a few months or for that mater any where and I had totally forgot that a friend of mine and his Husband, yes they are two men, We can do that here in Ontario now legal!
Well they had asked me if I wanted to go along with them some time ago, I had forgot and Just today I got a call are you coming, well I was shocked I never really thought it would happen, I always talk about going on trips but never seem to save up the funds....

So this friend of mine its crazy he seems to leave things to the last minute like reminding me about this trip a week before, I'm not sure really if I can go because I don't have all the proper ID, but I'm going to try and see, the worst that could happen is a bus trip from the border, we are going to be driving, Hmmm I don't know how I feel about that, the last long car trip I was on from Vancouver via the northern states to Toronto, was not to much fun then again I didn't like the company that much and this time I'm going with very dear friends who love me and I the same...

Hmm I'm so nervous, what to wear, ahhh yuck now I have to figure out what out of my hideous wardrobe could make it in NYC....
Ok I have to go and start thinking about things and doing some research about where I'm going to go when I'm there....

After all that good news for I should mention that, I'm still in a bit of a mood these last several days, I'm hoping that this trip is just what I need to shake things up a bit....I'm of to the Doctor today I'm going to let him know that I seem to be a bit down and see what he says, I'm not to fond of brain altering meds, I think they where a big help with my pancreas problems, that I'm still having to take pain meds for, those who have read my blog from the beginning know about that...

So a trip I think is what I need, I can't wait....

please email me with any questions?

And tips about NewYork, where to go Clubs ect..,

Ask me any thing that you want and I will answer it in my next post....
If you read way back you will see that one of my goals with this blog was to help others who are dealing with the news they are positive or deal with drugs and alcohol the later that I still seem to be fighting!

Well its bed time for this Queen!
Night Night all



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