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Saturday, September 20, 2003

It has been some time and I know I said that I was back in June!

Well I have been through a lot and now find that I have time again to come back to blogging, in fact I think that I need to for my health, when I was blogging I found I could sort through my life.....

Some tried to shut me up and tell me what I could say here and they thought they won well after being beat up a bit I won and will be back and stronger than ever!

Its late and I just fixed my computer after months of not being able to use IE or any other browser except for the very basics, very frustrating I had to f disk and start over for the first time.....

Well I am back

I will soon be publishing my old posts from April to June 2003 and try my best to fill in the rest till now....

It feels good to be back!

I have missed all of you, I hope some are still readings this or looking to see what is going on with Gay Canadian X Party Boy!

Night Night all

I have to work the next few days so look back on Monday night....

My email willl be from now on, if you are here from before please let me know about what you think of my come back!



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