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Sunday, September 28, 2003

I'm sorry for not posting like I said I would, I've just been very down the last few weeks, I'm not sure why, I think it has some thing to do with the fact that I have been drinking again way to much, and I have been doing cocaine a few times the last few weeks, My body is run down and I don't feel like I look good in turn I feel very unattractive, and that doesn't seem to help in the low moods....I hope to get over this soon and then try to get back to blooging more often....I turned 30 on Sept 18th and have really been thinking about my life....
I found out as well that My HIV is really bad, my T4 cell count is less than 300 and when that happens, that is when it gets below 200 you have Aids, I'm very scared right now and need to try and figure things out, oh my, I have to stop this post for now...

Please don't get me wrong I have a lot to be happy about, it's just hard to be thankful the last few weeks.

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Night all


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